5th class

Mr. Quaid

5th class work Mon 27th – Friday 2nd May

- Work It Out - Week 25

- Better Maths Unit 23 *Anyone with these units finished can move onto the next unit

- Better English Unit 22

· Reading zone unit 22 – Story “Seventh Wonder”

o Read story and complete the activities

o Complete dictionary work on any words you don’t understand

· Bun go Barr pg 118 – 120- Siúlóid sna Sléibhte

o Read the story and complete activities B and C on pg 120

· Léigh sa bháile – Continue reading 1 page a day and complete the questions

· My Read at home – Continue reading 1 page a day and complete the questions

· Ceartlitriú – Unit 19 - Airgead

o Learn the spelling and complete the activities

o Someone at home could ask you the spellings on Friday as a test.

· My Spelling workbook – Pick a unit you want and learn the revision spellings in this unit. Again someone could ask you these on Friday as a test.

· Tables - Keep up learning your tables each week and test yourself on Friday. Anyone with brothers or sisters playing tables games with them would be a fun way to learn them.

There is a presentation about the Olympics below with a quiz and some project work.


Read through the slides please and complete the quiz on the Rio Olympics

Project Work : Could you please complete a project for me before the 8th of May on any Olympic athlete past or present. It can be an Irish Olympian or any other one from around the world. You can do this into your scrap books please.

Here is a short video of Usain Bolt one of the most famous Olympic athletes of all time for some inspiration.

If anyone has any questions about any of the work here please email.


Thanks everyone,

Stay safe,

Mr. Quaid