5 Amazing Yahoo Statistics And Facts

Yahoo is one of the oldest multinational technology company known for its varied products and services which include a Search engine, Yahoo Search, and Yahoo web portal such as Yahoo News, Yahoo Answers, Yahoo Finance and especially Yahoo Mail. Apart from the above, Yahoo is also known for offering advertising services, video sharing, and online mapping to its users. Also, it started spreading its wings into social media sector by acquiring tumblr in 2013. Since, its inception in 1994, Yahoo has gone through many ups and downs; however, its strong presence till date is the testimony to its genuineness and reliability. In its journey of 23 years, Yahoo has witnessed and been a part many amazing stories and incidents. With this post, we bring you some of the amazing Yahoo Statistics and facts that some of you may not be aware of.

5 Amazing Yahoo Statistics and Facts

1.) Yahoo is an Acronym

Well. Some of you may know but for those who don’t, the word Yahoo is actually an acronym which stands for Yet Another Hierarchical Officious Oracle.

2.) Why Yahoo! and Why not Yahoo?

Have you ever wondered why Yahoo has an exclamation mark to it? Well, as per different reports, the founder of Yahoo – Yang and Filo added the exclamation mark at the end of Yahoo because the word Yahoo was already taken by a company that used to make Barbeque sauce.

3.) Yahoo was about to Purchase Google

Considering the status of Google at present, Yahoo was once offered to buy Google. During an interview, the former CEO of Yahoo Terry Semel revealed that company was in talk acquiring Google before it was made public.

4.) Microsoft Could Have been the Owner of Yahoo If…

In 2008, Microsoft Corporation proposed to buy Yahoo’s entire business for $44.6 Billion or $31 per share. Microsoft stated that a joint Microsoft-Yahoo entity can dominate the market of online advertising and build a more efficient company. However, Yahoo CEO Jerry Yang refused the offer as he was asking for $4 more per share. Later that year, the shares of Yahoo dropped below $10 per share.

5.) Yahoo and Baskin Robins

In March 2005, when Yahoo turned 10 years old, the company celebrated their 10th anniversary by offering free coupons of Baskin Robins ice cream to all their users. Well, that is one of the amazing ways to celebrate.

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