Making good soil quickly.

Pile your woodchip mounds as tall as possible. Because, in three to four years, they will decompose to a third of their original height.

Using Wood Chips and logs as the foundation is simple and straightforward. Overseed with field peas, beans and Crimson Clover the first year. Every year thereafter use a mix of crimson clover, wildflower and bulk sunflower seed to cover bare spots and overseed

First stage, 90 days or so.

Second stage, Overseed with field peas, beans and Crimson Clover.

Mycelium (mushroom web) becomes established in the woodchip naturally, the mound becomes a natural sponge holding water.

You can plant tree seedlings the first year as long as each tree is planted in about a gallon of soil to get started.

The wood chip will decompose enough in the second year that the yearling seedlings will happily send their root systems into the damp decomposing wood chips. After about 3 years your chip will look like this.... nice dirt!

This is the 4th year of mature woodchip mounds.