The 50 Coffee Adventure

Your Very Own Mission Impossible

This is Version 4.0 of a playful education and social change project that uses the simple act of going for 50 coffees as a mechanism to change the world and learn new skills. Most of the early prototyping of this project has been centred around the Channel Island of Guernsey where there is already a strong social innovation community.

It is a prototype, so please provide feedback using the Google Docs commenting system. To support this project financially please visit my Patreon page.


3 Reasons Why You Will Love The 50 Coffee Adventure

Why Coffee?

How it Works

Step 1: Identify Your Mission To Change The World

Step 2: Have 50 Coffees with Intention

Step 3: Learn To Become A Master At Having Coffee

Step 4: The Learning & Feedback Loop

Step 5: Be Accountable & Share The Journey

50 Recipes For Achieving Coffee Mastery

The Coffee Grounds

1. Your Own Style

2. No Agenda

3. How to Ask for Coffee

4 . Where to Meet for Coffee

The Coffee Filter

5. Hug People Hello

6. Merging

7. Active Listening

8. Leading with Vulnerability

9. Ask Great Questions

10. Meeting People Where They Are

11. The Line

12. Boundaries (and no Boundaries)

13. Free From Attachment

The Coffee Brewing

14. How Can I Serve?

15. Celebrate the Bright Spots

16. Tell Me Your Story

17. What Challenges Do You Have?

18. Blank Sheet Thinking

19. And then what?

The Coffee Grinding

20. What if it Was Easy?

21. Self Compassion

22. Surfacing Tension

23. What is the Barrier to Love?

24. The Mirror

25. Look Back a Year

26. Keep Going

The Coffee Percolator

27. Just Breathe

28. The Silent Intervention

29. The Ceremony

30. Bending Time

31. Eye Contact

The Coffee Network

32. Pay It Forward

33. The Trust Network

34. The Rule of 3

35. The Connection Virus

36. Shifting Realities

37. You Are The People You Spend Time With

38. Dunbar’s Number

39. Emergence

The Coffee Break

40. Learn How To Receive

41. Keep your Promises

42. Sharing with Integrity

43. Technology and Distractions

The Coffee Machine

44. The 80/20 Rule

45. The Overlapping Coffee

46. The Open Calendar

47. Missing Appointments

48. The Gentle Nudge

49. Kindness To Those Who Serve

50. Do you have a recipe of your own?

The 50 Coffee Journey

The Coffee Reflection Pages

Reflections and Actions

50 Great Questions To Ask In A Coffee

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