four elements music & studio

4em is an studio currently in Edmonton, Alberta, Canada run by me, Mx./Mrs. Kelly (Kel) Margaret Milne Henry. Hello! My pronouns are they/she. I'm the one of the left here. The one that's not Bowie. Hard to tell, I know.

My studio is a place for students and colleagues of all abilities to explore art and language. I strive to make it a safer space for LGBTQQI2SAA+ and indigenous people by using inclusive language, listening to their stories, and implementing best practices learned from each other and experts in the field. I empower my peers to write and perform in any genre with four key elements: their creative talent, their physicality, a flexible mindset, and discipline.

I am a born and raised Albertan with degrees in music and education from U of A Augustana and Concordia U of Edmonton, respectively. I am also a composer, performer, cat-mom, rainbow-wearer, video-game lover, bookworm, yogi, Netflix-binger, and teacher. Click one of the tabs up top to find out more about some of those!