John Lordan, Gray Hughes and Mike "Morf" Morford are the 3 men, and the case they are focusing on for Season 1 is the tragic killing of two teenagers in Ozark Alabama, JB Beasley and Tracie Hawlett. The case will be 20 years old on August 1st, 2019, and we hope this extended coverage will help raise awareness and resources for bringing these families the justice they have been waiting for.

Season 1 "Road to Justice" began March 18, 2019 and concluded August 1st, 2019. Updates to the case will happen as needed, so don't forget to subscribe to stay up to date!

Join us in trying to bring the truth to light. If you have information that can help, please use the appropriate contact information below.

  • Dale County District Attorney’s office: 334-774-9500
  • Coley McCraney's attorney is Andrew J. Scarborough: 334-678-8200 or email
  • Dale County Sheriff's Office: 334-774-2335 or visit
  • Ozark Police Department: 334-774-2644
  • Dale County Crimestoppers: 334-774-9999



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