Design to Order models

Price: (Based on Requirements as specified)

The Designed to order models requires an agreement with the customer on the requirements. The following dimensions and options in brackets need to be defined.

Requirements list to be specified

Printer Type : [ Open Frame / Enclosed]
External size : [
XXX] mm by [YYY] mm by [ZZZ] mm high
Print bed size [lll] mm by [ddd] mm
Print height [bbb] mm
· Welded steel box frame 25mm 2mm thick RHS, powder coated
· Core X Y Carriage movement, 2 GT2 Belts, 12mm stainless steel runners
· Descending heated bed platform, 3 point bed leve
ling adjustment
· Manual Z gap adjustment, Detachable print platforms
· Hotend system 3DI “ALuhotend” with Filament cleaner & 3DI Sponge insert
· 320 Watt 12 V power supply

Meanwell Australian Certified Power Supply
· Autonomous control
Gcode files can be printed direct from the SD-Card avoiding issues of connected hosts effecting the print

· Spare bed clips
· Spare filament cleaner sponge pre-cut and prepared
· Spare Hotend

Plug in connected HotEnds, Any faulty units replaced on return
· Spray adhesive
· Tool Set
· All necessary tools to perform operation and user maintenance

Documentation & Support:
· Hard copy user instructions provided
· Access to on line support site

Print Materials:

3DIndustries advises against the use of ABS filament due to the many poisonous emissions and difficulty of filtering these.
· Normal PLA all colours and blends
· Speciality filaments
· Nylon and TPU and flexi filaments