Beginning of WW2

Your family is sitting down to breakfast one morning and your father slams the newspaper on the table. "Golly geez, what is the world coming to?" he says.

It is 1939 and it seems as though Europe is imploding. The news reports talk about daily bombings, loss of lives, destroyed buildings, boys being shipped off to war, and the ladies are taking jobs in factories making artillery.

Dad is right! What is the world coming to? Who is going to make our dinner if momma goes off and gets a job?

As you stare at your mushy shredded wheat you take a moment to think about how you are so glad that you are an American and that this big war has nothing to do with you and your family.

Dad leaves the newspaper on the table and leaves for work. What a fuddy-duddy. He must be tired. Some government man came around the other day telling people they need to "work harder, produce more, and help support the good ole' USA." My daddy ain't no commie!

You pick up the paper, read the comics, and grab a pencil to start working on the word puzzle. Boy howdy, you are good at puzzles! One day, you're going to be a keen gumshoe!

To be continued...

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