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Welcome to 2nd Peterborough St. Luke’s Scouting !

Updated March 21, 2024


About Us:

2'nd Peterborough St. Luke's is a Scout Group serving mainly the east end of Peterborough. We meet at St. Luke's Anglican Church at 566 Armour Rd. Join us for a fun program that helps build a sound foundation for life. There is a strong group of well trained and enthusiastic Volunteer Leaders who provide stimulating programs for the Youth every week. We go on local and other camps, take part in summer canoeing, & learn life skills that will help make our Youth better citizens. Scouting at St. Luke's started in 1912 and we are one of the oldest continually running groups, not only in Canada, but also worldwide. Legend has it that our first meetings were held in a chicken coop on the hill and some of our older alumni still affectionately refer to us as 2nd Chicken Coop. At our 2012 Centenary a memorial book of past Leaders was prepared - click Gone Home Book.


Our group is made up of Sections. Members are divided by sections based on ages....

Section 'Scouters' oversee the meetings, work with the Youth to plan their activities. When Leaders are in uniform, parents should feel free to address them as Scouter and their first name ie Scouter John.

We communicate often through e-mail. Please ensure your information is updated with us in the event of a change. If you do not have access to e-mail, please inform the leader within your section and he or she can provide you with paper copies of information that has been sent previously. In addition to e-mail, hand-outs are often provided at meetings to provided details for upcoming events.

Our Year:

We start our year in September and end regular meetings near the beginning of June the following year, although there are often activities into the summer as well. There may be changes to the schedule due to holidays. Visit our website to see the detailed calendar. Print it out and post it on your refrigerator or family bulletin board. You will then be prepared in advance for special events for your section ie. youth may need to be dressed warmly for an outdoor event or may be meeting at an alternate location.


Registration is online only. Please see MyScouts.ca and use the "Group Locator" to look for "2nd Peterborough".


We have a few fundraising activities each year.... 

Group Committee:

This meets on a monthly basis. The meeting agenda includes reports from each section, a financial report and then discussion of current issues or planning for upcoming events. All parents are welcome to attend the Group Committee in order to be involved in the decision making process that impacts all sections. Group Committee is one of many ways to become involved or support our organization throughout the year.

Camps, Etc:

These are held at various locations, times & dates. We will try to have information available well in advance. Costs for camps and events are minimal, mainly covering food, facilities, etc. Other Events can include Remembrance Day, Parades, Etc. Some events are for Parents too, so we hope to see you!!


Please see the Scouts.ca site for information on Uniforms. Uniform materials are available online.

More useful Websites...

Other Scout Sites: Scouts Canada The Jungle Book (read online) The DUMP WOSM St. Luke’s Anglican Church 

Facebook & other Pages: 2nd Peterborough Scouts Canada Puebla, Mexico Scouts 

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