About us


We share the conviction that secondary forests are crucial for sustaining nature, life support systems, and societal well-being on our planet.


  • Advance our understanding of the ecology and management of tropical secondary forests based on a broad geographical coverage spanning a range of climatic and social-ecological contexts

  • Foster the collective creation of knowledge across countries, institutions and researchers at different stages of their careers

  • Disseminate the knowledge we create to the scientific community through a range of outlets including scientific papers, policy briefs, meetings, and workshops

  • Communicate the implications of our research for the management, conservation and restoration of tropical forests to the general public and decision makers

Data sharing

The 2ndFOR network promotes and supports scientific research and understanding of secondary forests. Collaboration is core to what we do, and data sharing is promoted while honoring data ownership. The 2ndFOR central node has the mandate to not share data beyond the network. Researchers that look for collaboration with the network should contact PIs directly, though we can bring opportunities to the attention of the network members.

Who we are

The 2ndFOR network currently involves 96 researchers from 20 countries, and is open to new sites and new members

Principal investigators

Coordination (Central Node)

Steering Commitee

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