2 Khmerican Sisters Podcast

We are your co-hosts, Mellissa & Jasmine!

Eps. 0 | The Trailer: Welcome!

Welcome! This podcast was launched to discuss meaningful topics and issues from the lens of 2 Khmer-American sisters & other diverse community leaders.

Eps. 1 | War & Genocide Stories by 2 Cambodian Survivors (Our Ma & Yeay)

This is a one-of-a-kind cultural storytelling experience told in Khmer and English about the stories of war and genocide by our mom, (Ma) Vy, and grandma, (Yey) Vorn. Our Ma & Yay will share intimate details of experiencing oppression during the 1970s when Dictator Pol Pot gained control of Cambodia to create an agrarian socialist society into a communist society, resulting in the mass killings of a third of the Cambodian population. Leverage this opportunity to educate yourself more about the history of Cambodia and learn about the struggles and challenges that our family had faced during the Khmer Rouge Regime.