Why 2ConnectMe?

2ConnectMe is a cloud based Live Chat service with Screen Sharing, Text, Voice, Video Chat with Contact Form. All In One communication suite at any website from Start Up, Growing Business, Large Enterprise or Personal Usage.

To provide “Real Life Retail” experience, 2ConnectMe is the only Live Chat service in the market to let you, before initiating chats, SEE Customers Screen browsing activities in REAL-TIME and interact with customers at your website.

We understand your agent resources are the most expensive. The “Auto Text Triggers” function screens those high potential customers who deserve your attentions and shows such Auto Text on their web pages AUTOMATICALLY.

With chat room Url (web address), it lets you to put the “Click-to-Call” button anywhere in any website. You just need to put such URL address under any “button” of your website to open it in an iFrame or in a new browser tab / windows.

2ConnectMe Live Chat is natively integrated to any marketing tools, e.g. MailChimp or any other normal text based email, and Social Media, e.g. Facebook, Google+, Twitter, Instagram or any others.

With chat room QR Code, 2ConnectMe Live Chat empowers your business with new customer offline contact channel. Such QR Code on your offline media, e.g. paper advertisement, lets your customers use mobile phone to scan the QR code to have live chat with your business instantly.

Flexible pricing scheme provides the right choice for any businesses from FOREVER FREE plan, GROWING BUSINESS plan and LARGE ENTERPRISE plan.

Business Live Chat Room

SEE customers browsing activities at your website in REAL-TIME

SEE customers typing on Contact Form to get prepared before live chat

Know your customers from their browsing behaviours

Support & FAQ

2ConnectMe platform has been going through different test stage and is stable for production service. That said, we cannot test and verify all the browsers with their corresponding old versions. Sometimes, the problems happen only to a specific environment of individual user where it is impossible for us to verify all beforehand.

For any issues, we suggest a simple method that you should update your browser version to the latest one to check if the problems still happen. It is much easier to align on our browser platform prior to studying the issue happens to your PC.

Please also check the FAQ below if you find any hints. Should you still find any problem, we are more than happy to help. Please contact us through Live Chat, facebook or email to us.

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