Sunrise Rotary Ride Fundraising Tips

Thu Sep 29, 2022 - Sat Oct 1, 2022 ~ Healdsburg to Santa Cruz California

Fundraising is as easy as 1, 2, 3!

Here is a simple recipe to help make your fundraising for the Sunrise Rotary Ride easy and fun!

1. Create or customize your fundraising page on BikeSign. Sign in or sign up ( To edit your existing personal fundraising page, click on the icon in the upper right of the screen, log in if necessary and select Profile. Then scroll down to your 2022 Fundraiser and click on Edit Fundraiser. After setting your goal, create a unique web address for your fundraiser page (i.e., Custom Fundraiser URL). Mine is SCteensRock. Then it’s easy to remember: Next, add a fun image of yourself. This makes it personal and is very important. Edit the personal message to something that reflects you, or just leave it alone. Your choice. Finally, hit Save Fundraiser Changes at the bottom of the page. Your fundraising page is now ready to accept donations! The finished page looks like this:

2. Create an email that you will send out (step 3), that directs people to your fundraising page. It should be short, sweet and definitely include a catchy photo to get the viewer’s attention. Your goal here is to get your reader’s attention just long enough to click on the link to your fundraising page. Here is the email that I created:

3. Send this BCC email to everyone that you know! (Seriously!) I combed through my contact list and added addresses to the bcc (blind copy) email that I created in step 2. Everyone is free game: family, friends, customers, neighbors, clients, former lovers, your kids, distant friends . . . why not? You’re raising money for a great cause so be bold.

Let’s say that you send out 50 emails and 25 respond (I know that you will get more). And you receive an average of $50/donation (you will do better). Suddenly you’ve raised $1,250 and it has taken just a matter of minutes! Voila! As the donations roll in, I like to send a quick ’thank you’ email to each donor.

Posting the link to your fundraising page on your social media sites will extend your reach even more.

If you're looking for a little more detail and inspiration have a look at this brief 11 minute video we prepared to show you step-by-step how to customize your personal fundraising page. (This is last year's video which mentions last year's beneficiary, but the instructions and message are still apropos. We're hoping to have a brand new video later this year.)

Jon Winston and I are standing by to help you get set up, either by phone, email or Zoom. The key is to get started now and give all of your contacts the chance to contribute to great local charities. Good luck and thank you!

Jeremy Lezin 831-566-8412
Jon Winston 831-588-3452

Jeremy Lezin
21st year, Jon & Ken's Most Excellent Adventure / Sunrise Rotary Ride)