2022-23 Grants Forms for
D5170 President-elects

Congratulations District 5170 President-elects!

On this page you will find links to download the 2022-23 Rotary Grants Forms that all President-elects are required to complete and submit before April 30, 2022. Specifically, the 2022-23 DDF Spending Plan and the 2022-23 Club Qualification Memorandum of Understanding. You'll also find below additional information and suggestions on planning for your year's Rotary grants activity.

The Forms

  1. Click here to view the 2022-23 Club DDF Allocations. On this spreadsheet you will see the total amount of DDF allocated to your club for the 2022-23 Rotary Year. Also shown are the calculations used to determine your club's DDF allocation. You will need your club's 2022-23 DDF Allocation Total (the rightmost column) to complete the Spending Plan.

  2. Click here to download the 2022-23 DDF Spending Plan. This self-explanatory MS Word form is where you specify how you intend to use your DDF. You will enter the amount of your total DDF you wish to allocate to District Grants and the amount to Global Grants. You will also fill in details related to your proposed grant projects. If you have not been actively involved in your club's Rotary grants, it it strongly advised that you consult with your current president and your International Services (WCS) chairperson. Complete the form, print it, sign it, scan it and return it per the instructions on the form.
    Note, this is not a grant application. Applying for grants is a separate process and is described in detail in the online grants trainings.
    Here is a completed sample DDF Spending Plan.

  3. Click here to download the 2022-23 Club Qualification MOU. As club president you are the defacto steward of Rotary Foundation funds (DDF) that your club will use in its Rotary grants. As such, you are required to understand and agree to the responsibilities associated with receiving and managing TRF funds. This 3 page documents outlines what you need to know. It must be signed by you, as 2022-23 club president, and also your 2023-24 club president (your successor). The reason you both sign is that Rotary grants typically span more than one Rotary year and therefore include the successor to the president at the time the grants is approved. If you do not yet have a 2023-24 president identified, you may enter "TBD" and we will reach out to you before the end of your term for the missing name.

Important Dates

The following are the important District 5170 grants dates:

  • April 30, 2022 Last day to submit your 2022-23 DDF Spending Plan and 2022-23 Club Qualification MOU

  • TBA TRF Workshop

  • July 1, 2022 First day to submit 2022-23 District Grant Applications

  • October 31, 2022 Last day to submit 2022-23 District Grant Applications and 2021-22 District Grant Final Reports

Club Qualification

In order for clubs to particpate in Rotary grants they must be qualified according to the following Rotary International and District 5170 criteria. Clubs that are not qualified sacrafice their right to create Rotary grants but may still transfer their DDF to a differnet, qualified club in our District.

Club qualification consists of the following:

  1. Club dues and financial obligations are current

  2. A club member has successfully completed the online D5170 District Grants Training and/or the Global Grants Management Course available through the RI Learning Center

  3. Reports for District and Global grants must be current

  4. The DDF Spending plan and Club Qualification MOU have been submitted

  5. The club's TRF and Membership chairpersons and goals have been entered in Rotary Club Central at my.Rotary.org.


It is a TRF requirement, and as noted above a club qualification item, that at least one member of each club participating in Rotary grants take one or both of the two online grants training courses. Links to the training courses are avilable on the Grants pages of the District 5170 website.

For your convenience, here are direct links to the courses:

2022-23 District Grants Training Course and Final Quiz

Global Grants Management Training Seminar

Best Practices & Resources

All grant related forms and documents are available on the grants pages of the District 5170 website: www.rotarydistrict5170.org/sitepage/grants

It is strongly advised that incoming presidents work with their club's international chair and past presidents when deciding how to allocate their DDF and choose grant projects.

It is also highly recommended that incoming presidents take the online District Grants training offered by District 5170, preferably before completing their DDF Spending plan. The training only takes about an hour and provides a great deal information and context regarding the Rotary grants programs. Links to the training course and quiz are above and on the District 5170 website.

Getting District grant applications in as soon as possible after 1 July, and submitting final reports asap after project completion is encouraged.

DDF & Rotary Grants from 30,000 feet

For those of you not familiar with DDF and the Rotary grants program, you may find this very high-level description of the Rotary donation/grants lifecylcle useful.

First a few of definitions:

  • TRF The Rotary Foundation. The philanthropic 501(c)(3) affiliate of Rotary International

  • DDF District Designated Funds. A credit held by TRF for clubs to use in funding Rotary grants. The amount of DDF allocated to each club is proportional to the amount of giving by the club each year to the Annual Fund

  • Annual Fund-SHARE Each year Rotarians everywhere participate in a fundraising effort to support TRF's Annual Fund. Proceeds from the Annual Fund drive are divided equally between the SHARE fund and the World Fund. The SHARE fund generates DDF which is given back to clubs (as a credit) to use in grants. The World Fund is used to provide matching funds for DDF used in Global Grants.

  • District Grants One of the 2 types of Rotary grants. District grants are administered locally by the District. They are very flexible, lightweight, easy to apply for and report on, and have few restrictions on the types of projects that can be done. District grants are funded by the applying club's District DDF (that portion of their DDF apportioned to District Grants in the DDF Spending plan discussed above.) District DDF is matched 25% by District 5170 through our Max the Match program when used in a District grant.

  • Global Grants This other type of Rotary grant is applied through and administered by TRF directly. This grants are much larger in scope and budget, they are international, carry significantly more restrictions and typically have a much higher impact. Global DDF is matched 80% by TRF when used in a Global grant.

  • Max the Match MtM is a District 5170 program that maximizes the use of DDF and TRF matching funds by providing Global DDF for sale at a cost of $1.25 per 1 DDF to district clubs for use in their Global DDF. And, provides the funds to match DDF used in District grants at a rate of $1.25 per 1 DDF. I.e., clubs may purchase DDF at a 25% mark-up for use in their Global grants with the proceeds being used to provide a 25% match for DDF used by clubs in their District grants. NOTE: the amount of DDF available for purchase through MtM is limited. Full details can be found in the 2022-23 Max The Match Global DDF Purchase Form.

This is what the lifecycle looks like for a given club. (For simplicity, certain details, e.g., PolioPlus and Endowment funds, are being left out, and other details are somewhat generalized).

  • Clubs donate to the Annual Fund each year. That donation is divided evenly between the World Fund and SHARE.

    • The half that goes to the World Fund is used to provide cash matches for DDF used in Global Grants

      • Beginning 1 July 2021, DDF used in Global Grants receives $1 for the DDF face value plus an 80% match. So 1 DDF will result in $1.80 for the project budget.

    • The half that goes to SHARE is held by TRF for 3 years then returned to the District (and its clubs) in the form of DDF. In District 5170, that DDF is divided up and given to the District's clubs in proportion to each club's giving to the Annual Fund over the course of the previous 2 years and 7 months.

      • Each club's incoming president is told how much DDF their club will be receiving for the upcoming year. They then prepare a DDF Spending Plan to indicate how much of their DDF will be used in District Grants and how much will be used in Global grants.

      • The club also completes all of the qualification requirements to participate in Rotary grants (see above).

        • District Grants:

          • The application deadline is October 31 of the program year

          • The grant project must be complete and documented with a Final Report by October 31 of the following year (1 year to do project)

          • MtM provides a 25% match on DDF, so 1,000 DDF in a District grant results in $1,250 for the project

          • District grants are: local or international, no min or max budget, flexible, easy to apply for and administered locally by our District

          • Final report must be submitted by October 31 of the year after application. I.e., 1 year to complete and report on the project.

        • Global Grants

          • Global grants are accepted on a rolling basis throughout the year.

          • Projects are always international involving at least 2 clubs, one in the project country (the "host" partner) and one outside of the project country (the "international" partner).

          • DDF is matched 80%, so 1,000 DDF in a Global grants results in $1,800 for the project.

          • Projects have a minimum $30,000 budget, typically take several years to complete, often involve collaboration between many clubs, have significant funding, suitability, sustainability and reporting requirements, grant project must address one or more of the 7 Areas of Focus.

          • Annual progress reports are required until project completion.

If you have questions

Please don't hesitate to reach reach out to me if you have any questions about your DDF allocations, the required forms or anything else related to Rotary Grants.

Jon Winston