Belmont Redwood Shores District

Central Elementary School

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Blue Wave Program-Recess with a Purpose

The Blue Wave Program provides younger students with the one to one, guidance, modeling and feedback, with real-life situations and conflicts. When older students model the correct behaviors and script the proper responses, children get an interactive learning experience, practice the skills with hands on guidance and instant feedback.

"Over the last 7 years, the Blue Wave program has helped transform our playground into an environment where everyone works together toward conflict resolution, promoting positive relationships among students, as well as giving all students a chance to strengthen their interpersonal skills. "

Belmont Redwood Shores School District

Nesbit Elementary School

Science Fair for All

For the past five years, every Nesbit middle school students has gone through the science fair process. Approximately 220 students have participated to date. This process has included generating and conducting a science experiment that spans several weeks, writing a formal paper, preparing a science board, and presenting the project to others.

"By willingly helping large numbers of middle school students before school, after school, during prep periods and during lunch, the staff has ensured all students have been able to submit. Again, all of has been done on the teachers’ own initiative and without any direction by administration to do so."

Burlingame School District

All You Need Is

Employee Wellness Initiative

This programs creates a variety of staff-led wellness opportunities to serve BSD employees to access throughout the work week.

“As I watched the staff choir video, I realized how important it is to focus on teacher stress. It is especially important now during remote learning.”

Burlingame School District

McKinley Elementary School

Multi-Tiered Systems of Support (MTSS) Program

MTSS program utilizing a variety of interventions for academic and behavioral support. MTSS created a systematic change through intentional design and redesign of services and supports that quickly identify and match the needs of all students. As part of MTSS, McKinley uses the Response to Instruction and Intervention (RTI2) and Positive Behavioral Interventions and Supports (PBIS) to serve the whole child.

"Our why to using MTSS/RTI2/PBIS was to establish a lens of equity using a comprehensive framework that focused on meeting the needs of all students including behavioral needs. Establishing a comprehensive framework included increasing collaboration among all stakeholders and educating the community about MTSS/RTI2/PBIS."

Cabrillo Unified and South San Francisco Unified School Districts

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HEAL Project

The HEAL Project is established at the San Mateo County School Farm in collaboration with the San Mateo County Health System. It serves as an educational farm and destination for students.

"At The HEAL Project, we believe that agriculture-based education is a valuable tool to help students connect with their place in the environment. All program participants have the opportunity to “dig their hands in” and contribute to the well-being of the soil, plants, and animals on and around the farm and gardens. Our teaching practices encourage students to understand the link between the health of our local environment and their own health. We do this by demonstrating how food can be sustainably grown and how we then use that food to nurture ourselves."

Hillsborough City School District

Crocker Middle School

DREAM: Developing Responsible, Empathetic, Adolescent Mentors

The DREAM program provides middle school students leadership opportunities to support a positive and inclusive school culture.

"DREAM encompasses student driven leadership, student centered activities, and creates a culture of inclusion, empathy, and kindness."

Jefferson Elementary School District

Westlake Elementary School

Comprehensive Reading Intervention

The Leveled Literacy Intervention Program at Westlake Elementary supports students with becoming confident, courageous, and strong readers.

"At Westlake Elementary we believe every student deserves the opportunities afforded to them by literacy. Our Reading Intervention Program is designed to help students achieve their goals, as well as create a lifelong love of reading."

Jefferson Union High School District

Giving Gifts

The goal of the Giving Gifts (GG) program is to provide our adult students in the Adult Transition Program with cash register, inventory management, customer service and independence skills that translate to jobs in our community. Our goal builds upon that of the California Department of Education’s Special Education Division: all individuals with disabilities will successfully participate in preparation for the workplace and independent living.

“If your students make a mistake in the store, it is okay, it is your store” Seton CEO said to the JUHSD staff. “ And, if we make a mistake, we learn from it” the school staff says.

Las Lomitas School District

La Entrada Middle School

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Achievement Academy

The goals of the Achievement Academy elective class are to provide students with intense support in organizational skills, study and test taking proficiency and character building. All of these skills are necessary in order to flourish in school and in the community.

"The Achievement Academy elective class provides intense support in organizational skills, study skills, test-taking skills, and personal character skills for students to feel empowered to succeed at school and in the community. "

Menlo Park City School District

Laurel Elementary School

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Recess Rock Stars

During the Recess Rockstars Project Based Unit, teachers facilitate class meetings and discussions, so the first grade students come up with different activities that they can create for recess. Several interdisciplinary learning activities tie into the Recess Rockstars unit.

"Laurel School is the happiest place to spend your childhood and Recess Rockstars makes recess fun for everyone."

Pacifica School District


Home School Program

The Home School Program is an ongoing unique Home School Alternative program.

"The Home School program is not the same as distance learning where students follow school schedules and are taught by a teacher via conferencing. Home school is pen and paper based, all texts and materials are provided to the student, guardians are the teachers, learning can take place anywhere and at anytime providing ultimate flexibility. Every 2 weeks, the certified teacher has a meeting with each student to collect work, provide feedback on previous work, and align on the learning plan for the subsequent 2 weeks. Enrollment has exploded this year - on July 17 the program had 37 students, on July 24 - 54 students, and September 11th, 93 students! Hired 2 new teachers and split the grades into TK/K, 1st - 3rd, and 4th - 8th. It is hard for a single teacher to cover K-8, so the larger enrollment makes it easier for the teacher focus on specific age ranges."

Redwood City School District

Kennedy Middle School

Kennedy Middle School Newcomer Academy

The Kennedy Middle School Newcomer Academy is a unique English Language Support Academy.

"The Kennedy Middle School Newcomer Academy provides the academic and social emotional support for the Newcomer students to thrive and learn in a safe and caring environment by working directly with the students and their families or guardians. "

San Mateo Union High School District

Bridge - Kent Award.MOV

Bridge Program

The Bridge Program is an innovative ELD program for HS students.

"Once in the Bridge Program, you will always be part of the Bridge Family. A student asked,"You [teacher] are so good to us, how can I pay you back?" Teacher responded, "No need to pay us back, just do the same for others." One student that was a class clown / bully when he started in the Bridge Program apologized for his behavior upon graduating from the program. He offered to help the program as an alumnus by being a peace pantry volunteer (food pantry at Hillsdale HS). The teachers learn as much from the kids as they do from the teachers - the students are resilient, they are fighters. We were afraid there would be an attendance problem with distance learning; surprisingly almost everyone is there persisting despite technical challenges; they are picking up the online tools quickly. The Bridge Program is the first of its kind - 6 other districts in the Bay Area have visited the program to learn how to replicate in their own district."

South San Francisco Unified School District

Martin Elementary School

Ruby Bridges

The Ruby Bridges Walk to School Day was organized in recognition of the role Ruby Bridges played in the integration of American public schools in 1960.

"Celebrate Diversity--Step Up and Do Something!"