6th Annual Keowee Key Pickleball Classic Tournament

October 4 & 5, 2019

Thanks to all 150 players and 30 volunteers that helped make the tournament a success

Tournament results are published below and congratulations to everyone

Check back to the website later in the week we will down load pictures of the tournament

Friday's pictures are downloaded

Thanks to everyone that volunteered to help make this year's tournament a success.

A very special thanks to:

All scoring duties:

Leslie and John Walker you guys did a great job and are the best.

Leslie thanks for the iced cooling towels at courtside.


Dave Dixon, John and Dorcas Annett, Aimee Fountain and Cindy Doherty

Lunch and Snacks:

Joan & Joe Ferrara, Jennifer & Jim Rowe, Aimee & Jerry Fountain, Paula Daffin, and Barb Jacobs

Pictures and signs for the tournament:

Jean MacGuffie and Mitch Simon

Court facilitators to keeping scores and the courts full and managing the heat on Friday:

Bob Skaluba, Steve Hirsch, Mitch Simon, Jim Rowe, Joe Ferrara, Scott Jensen, Niki Andrews, Thom Jagielski, and Aimee Fountain

Player placement and scheduling:

Dorcas Annett, Scott Lincoln, and Niki Andrews

Design and T-shirts:

Karen Daniels and Jon Goyert

Keowee Key special hand made coasters:

Scott Lincoln, Susan Brennan, Leslie and John Walker, Jennifer Rowe, and Bob Skaluba.

Keeping the courts cleaned off Saturday:

Steve Hirsch

Raffle Prizes Donated:

Niki Andrews

Setup of nets, hanging of banners, cleaning courts, water and ice on all the courts:

Bob Daffin and team

Please excuse me if I forgot to mention anyone that helped.

Scott Lincoln for helping with all other details of the tournament.

And thanks to everyone that helped with the setup Thursday night and early on Friday and Saturday morning.

John & Leslie Walker Scorers

(JJ) Jim Jacobs & Scott Lincoln Tournament Directors

Rain Date is Sunday October 6, 2019

➢ A two-day, non-sanctioned, round robin tournament

➢ Sign-in begins at 7:45am. Tournament begins promptly at 8:30am

➢ No refunds after September 1, 2019 for any reason, including weather

➢ Tournament reserves the right to change format based on participation

➢ Games will be played with the Onix outdoor ball

➢ Water, snacks and lunch provided for all competitors

➢ Each competitor receives a T-shirt

Tournament Information

Keowee Key Fitness and Racquet Center

1051 Stamp Creek Road Salem, SC 29676

Tournament dates: Friday October 4th and Saturday October 5, 2019

Tournament Directors:

(JJ) Jim Jacobs 248-514-1102 or email jrjjisland@gmail.com

Scott Lincoln 440-567-7757 or email scottclincoln@yahoo.com