Saturday, November 2nd, 2019 at 1-5pm in Craigie Hall, University of Calgary

Indigenous language reclamation is about the efforts of Indigenous people who are learning their languages, and learning about their languages. This is happening in various places including schools, community centres, and on the land, and we are coming together to celebrate that.

In conjunction with local Indigenous groups, the School of Languages, Linguistics, Literatures & Cultures and other University partners invite you to join us in celebrating reclamation of the languages of Indigenous peoples in Alberta.

Highlights for the Event

Screening of Voices on the Rise, a new documentary on language reclamation in Alberta

Panel Discussion with filmmaker Eli Hirtle and contributors to the film

Showcase of language reclamation activities in southern Alberta

A reception with samples of Indigenous foods

For full details, check the Program and Showcase tabs

This is the 2nd Celebration of Indigenous languages at the University of Calgary: You can find the program from the 1st celebration here.

Join Truck Contemporary Art Gallery this same weekend for more celebrations of language and art, including:

Taskoch pipon pesim kah nipa muskoseya, nepin pesim eti pimachihew | Like the winter snow kills the grass, the summer sun revives it

Joi T. Arcand, Richelle Bear Hat, Susan Blight, Tsēmā Igharas, Michelle Sylliboy, and Alberta Rose W.

curated by Missy LeBlanc

Opening Reception & performance by Alberta Rose W.: Friday, November 1st, 7pm - 11pm

Mamanaw Pekiskwewina | Mother Tongues gathering & round table discussions: Sunday, November 3rd, 12pm - 4pm, Central Library