Friday's kick off keynote speaker:

Michael Soskil: Mike is determined to make learning meaningful for every child and to empower students and teachers as positive change agents in their communities. As an elementary STEM teacher he has inspired students to find solutions to problems in their local and global communities. His 4th and 5th graders have used the design process to fight the effects of climate change in Malawi, waterborne illness in the Kibera Slum of Nairobi, and food insecurity in their rural Pennsylvania town. For his innovative work, Michael was named one of the top-10 teachers in the world and a finalist for the Global Teacher Prize by Dr. Stephen Hawking in 2016. He also is a recipient of the US Presidential Award for Excellence in Math and Science Teaching and was named Pennsylvania Teacher of the Year in 2017. The book that Michael co-authored, "Teaching in the Fourth Industrial Revolution", has been heralded by leaders in education, business, and government as "an authoritative guide to teaching practice over the next three decades" and translated into multiple languages.

Featured Speakers (click on the name for more information):

[All keynotes and featured speakers will also be doing breakout sessions with attendees.]

Presenters Include (more being added daily):

  • Danielle Riha, 2019 Alaska State Teacher of the Year, on culturally responsive teaching
  • Allison Riddle, 2014 Utah State Teacher of the Year presenting for Boxed Cars and One-Eye Jacks
  • Jeanne Chowning, NSTA District XVII Director
  • Robert Q. Berry III, President, NCTM
  • Denise Trakas, NCTM
  • Michelle Carton, Global Education Alaska
  • Ellen Piekarski, presenting for Texas Instruments and N-spire classroom activities
  • Andrew Byrns, Pearson Education
  • Alexandra Perrotti, National Geographic, offering Phase 1 Educator Certification training
  • Steven Johnson, University of Alaska Debate
  • Beki Trouissant, Alaska Resource Education
  • Susan Smith, presenting with her 20' by 20' National Geographic walkable maps
  • Jennifer Kaszuba, University of Texas at Austin presenting on Argument Driven Inquiry
  • Bjorn Walter, Alaska Department of Education and Early Development, on new science standards
  • Shelly Morgan, Alaska Commission on Post Secondary Education, on career/college opportunities
  • Karen Beranek, Bering Strait School District, presenting on Reader's Theatre
  • Karen Iris, McGraw Hill
  • Virgil Fredenberg, University of Alaska Southeast
  • Grace Graham, Anchorage Museum
  • Tom Reardon, Youngstown State University, Mathematical modeling of climate change
  • Cathy Rezabeck, Alaska Natural Resource and Outdoor Education, presenting on wildfires
  • Larry Sernyk, Chemical Education Foundation
  • Ted Wilson, Juneau School District, STEM Community Collaboration
  • Raquel Schroeder, ECHO (Alaska Education Network)
  • Kristina Roehrig, Fairbanks Northstar Borough School District, Desmos Explorations in HS
  • Jaime Kupfner, Teaching Institute of Evolutionary Science
  • Darrell Trussell, CPM Educational Program

And many more...

Featured Learning Strands:

  • Learning to Lead
  • Creating Critical Thinkers and Problem Solvers
  • Culturally Responsive and Place Based Teaching
  • Connecting Across Content Areas
  • Integrating Literacy Across Content Areas
  • Integrating Technology Into Learning

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