Historical Tidbits

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Source: Written by Clayton Simmons, 1940's

Edmunton Schools

The first school in the vicinity of Edmunton was located on the Tompkinsville and Edmunton highway about two miles south of the latter point, and almost opposite the present residence of E.V. Martin., The second school in the neighborhood stood in the beech grove near the point where Glasgow and Edmunton highway crosses Rogers Creek and only a few steop from the present home of Mr. Read.

Source: Edmonton Herald-News June 24, 1937

Mrs. Effie Young Wins Ford Car In Herald Subscription Drive; Basil B. Jones Awarded Second Prize of $150; Large Crowd Present; Other Winners Named

Mrs. Effie Young, Wisdom, was the winner of the Herald subscription campaign which closed last Saturday at 8 o’clock. Immediately after the vote count by the judges, Rev. J.W. Barton, chairman, L.B. Bryant, and Prof. James M. Ennis, a bill of sales was presented to Mrs. Young by Mr. Virgil Thompson, manager of the Metcalfe Motor Company.

Second place, $150.00 or a trip to California, was awarded to Basil Jones, East Fork. He took the $150.00 prize in preference to sunny California.

Third place was given {to} Erbon Sawyear, this being 30 percent added to his 20 percent paid each week during the competition. Fourth place was given {to} Mrs. Mamie Stephens, Cork, KY postmistress, with Mrs. Mary Alice Carter, Knob Lick being awarded fifth place.

Because of his failure to make three cash reports during the last week of the drive, Emery Owensby, Edmonton participant, failed to qualify for a prize. Had he made the necessary reports he would have gained fourth place, he having more votes than either Mrs. Stephens or Mrs. Carter.

When the campaign closed a large crown was awaiting the report of the judges which was announced by Rev. Barton at the conclusion of a short speech by E.V. Taylor, Herald owner.

All of the judges were pleased with the way the contest had been conducted and stated that no fairer method could be used. The commended Mr. A.D. McGuire, representative of Liner Circulation Service, on his work while in Edmonton.

The contest was a great success and approximately 1,000 names were added to the present list, giving the Herald-News the largest circulation of any paper ever entering or being published in the county.

From the Edmonton News, March 08, 1923


We will Eat Anything From Pig Feet to Pound Cake

We Love Sugar and We Eat Salt

If your subscription is due and you don't have the cash, let us have a few dozen eggs, a few frying chickens, some nice canned fruit, anything good to eat. Irish potatoes, Sweet potatoes, turnips, nice Spring greens, new onions. YOU DON'T KNOW HOW HUNGRY WE ARE, OR YOU WOULD FEED US. Bring us money or bring us something to eat. Let's square up and start a new book. "Help the Needy and Clothe the Poor" The Lord says "Thou shalt help the orphans". We need your help, let us help you, and let's help our County by making our paper grow. Look up your subscription, if there is anything you can do let us hear from you, You don't know how liberal we are.

Historic Metcalfe County Jail. While this was the county jail, it is located in Edmonton.