2017 CANeLearn Symposium &

BC Digital Learning Conference

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Welcome to this Google site created to house all the links, notes, and discussion from the April 5-7, 2017 BC Partners in Online Learning & CANeLearn Symposium. View the online program here: https://2017symposium.sched.com/

  1. On this page scroll down to find two sessions that were recorded and presenters agreed to have published: Michael Furdyk's Student Panel discussion, and Remi Kalir's symposium closing presentation.
  2. Also on this page scroll down for links to CEA articles on our featured symposium speakers.
  3. Use the menu in the top right to see the curated Google docs for presentations. Note that those without notes will be found toward the bottom of the page. For those who attended or presented, please feel free to add in any additional information or comments.
  4. Please note: As the links to pages on this site pull information from multiple Google documents, it will take a bit of time to load each page.

Please feel free to share this site with others whether they attended or not.

Questions? Please email info@CANeLearn.net.

Recordings - student panel (Thursday morning)

Recordings - Remi Kalir Closing Keynote (Friday):

  • Refracted Perspectives - Technology, Disruption and Learning

Click here for Keynote (audio and visuals)

Symposium Reprise - Webinar recordings of popular sessions

Symposium Featured Speakers: CEA articles...

  1. Fine Arts eCademy at Navigate (Read here - PDF)
  2. Zoe Branigan-Pipe: 21st Century Learning, 20th Century Classroom (Read here)
  3. Sean Lessard: Red Worn Runners (Read here)