1827 Northern Red Cedar Company Ltd

1827 Northern Red Cedar Company Ltd is a Wooden Barrel Planter Manufacturer based in Fort Langley, BC, Canada.

Home of 1827 Northern Red Cedar Company Ltd

The art of Barrel making began in Fort Langley, the same year that the Birthplace of BC was established in 1827 and we are simply bringing back home the long lost craft.

Western Red Cedar Barrels

Our Barrel Planters are made from Western Red Cedar which naturally resists bug infestation and rotting. Wood-product manufacturing produces far fewer toxins and greenhouse gases than the leading man-made materials. Which means that wood has the lowest impact on air and water quality.

All our wood is from Canadian Sustainable Forests

In Canada, our Sustainable Reforestation Programs help plant over 200 million trees in BC alone. Canadian Lumber is in high demand all over the World.

Our Website is currently under construction however if you need to contact us, please free to email: info@1827nrcc.com