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HP has introduced the printers in 1984. 123 HP printer is designed to get hard copy. which people keep in the documents form or picture form. they have introduced both LaserJet and inkjet HP printers. HP is the first electronic company who introduced the first 3D printer in the Market. They are us based company. who also deals in Laptop, computers etc. for the users of HP printer. you can visit the official website: driver


Well, it is not the task to set up your 123 HP Printer. we will try our level best to describe everything very clearly.

  1. if you have a new HP printer. then you need to open the box and take out your printer.

  2. Connect your printer by wire and Turn On Your Printer and turn on the WIFI button of your 123 HP setup printer.

  3. You need to connect your laptop or computer with the same WIFI.

  4. Go to the computer control panel and find the printer.

  5. Click on add new printer and then you can see the HP setup 123 printer over there.

  6. You can also go to the official website to download the drivers of your printer model.

  7. After downloading the software . install that on the computer.

  8. after installing the drivers software's. try to give a test command on your printer.

I hope this can resolve your problem. if you still have a problem then visit:

123 HP drivers quick information. we are going to discuss.

In order to setup your 123 HP printer with your computer, laptop, or any of your devices. you should have the right drivers. which needs to be compatible with your devices.

Download the wrong drivers can not resolve to setup your printer. So, Make sure you are downloading the right driver's software. which is compatible with your printer.

123 HP setup

How To Download 123.HP.COM/SETUP Printer Drivers in Windows?

Steps To Download the drivers of 123 HP printer.

  • You need To first Open your browser on your windows, mac, apple, or android device

  • On your web browser type the URL:

  • Then you will redirect to the HP printer official website.

  • On the official website , you need to type the model number of your printer.

  • Once your Type the Model number of your printer. then will be able to download your software file by the name of HP Easy Start.

  • Install That File On Your Windows, Mac, Android.

  • Once the setup file gets to install. then you can set up your printer

setup HP 123
123 HP Drivers

How to setup 123 HP Printer in MAC?

  • Open your 123 HP Printer, computer and Routers.

  • Connect your Printer with WI-FI. To do that. Go to the control panel on your Printer and Click on network and wizard and then follow the on-screen steps and that’s you can connect your HP printer to the WI-FI.

  • Now on Your MAC. Click on the top right hand side. apple and then a preference.

  • Update your software.

  • Click Quit and Restart

These are the steps to setup your HP Printer to the MAC.



In this FAQ We are going to cover some points. which will help you understand some more point of 123.hp.setup printer.

How to setup my new HP Printer?

These are the following steps to setup your printer:-

  • Go ahead and turn on your printer.

  • Plug your HP Setup printer 123 into your computer or laptop. by the help of WI-FI or cable.

  • Make sure you are using the same WI-FI on a computer or laptop. if you want to connect your printer via WI-FI

  • Once you make sure your printer is connected with the same WI-FI of computer.

  • Go to the computer control panel(windows computer)

  • Go to the printer section.

  • On the printer section. on the very top right. click on add new printer.

  • You can find your printer model number.

  • Make that Hp printer as a default printer

What are the steps to connect 123 HP com/setup printer with Android (WI-FI)?

Download and Install HP smart app to setup your printer with your android smartphone or tablet.


Steps to download and 123 HP smart app on the android smartphone or tablet.

  • Open Google Play Store.

  • In the search bar of Google play store. type HP smart app.

  • Install 123 HP smart app on your smartphone.

Suggestion 2


  • Open the official website

  • Type the Model number of your Printer for example: 8710, 3830 etc.

  • Download 123 HP Smart app.

  • Install the app on your android smartphone or tablet.

(note: Make sure your Android smartphone or tablet is connected with the same WI-FI of your printer)

How do I install 123 HP drivers?

Instructions to install 123 HP drivers

  • Go to the official website (

  • Type the Model Number.

  • Download the driver's software.

  • Once the driver's software is finished.

  • Follow the On-Screen steps and install the printer drivers software on your computer.