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To setup HP Printer on any device (computer, phone etc) you need to download the appropriate driver for your HP printer. This can be done easily by selecting the correct printer model before downloading the drivers (Supporting Software).

However you must keep in mind the following important points before you begin your HP Printer setup.

Setup HP Printer Through 123.hp.com/setup - Step By Step Guide

123 HP Com Setup - Ways to Connect HP Printer to Router (Wireless Setup)

Installation of HP Wireless Printer in Windows Through “123.hp.com/setup“

To install HP wireless printer on your Windows operating system, follow easy steps mentioned below:

How do I connect my HP printer to Mac through “123.hp.com/setup”?

To connect Mac computer to wireless HP printer follow the below steps:

How Will You Connect The HP Printer To The Mobile Phone via 123.hp.com/setup

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) Related to 123.hp.com/setup

If you are left with any question, the following guide of answers to the most frequently asked questions on HP printer installation via http//123.hp.com/setup will come in handy.

Q. How To Configure HP Printer?

There are 5 stages to set an HP printer at your home or workplace. Follow the steps of the stages one by one and successfully configure it via 123 hp com oj3830 setup.

Unpack aging your HP printer

123.hp.com/setup Power Settings

123.hp.com/Setp up the Ink Cartridge

How to set up HP Printer to a WPS/Wi-Fi Connection?

If you want to connect your HP wireless printer with your Wi-Fi network, you must follow the below-mentioned steps carefully. The following method is effective, easy to execute, and does not require any technician’s help.

1: Make sure your operating system and network are compatible with each other until logging in.

2: Go to the 123.hp.com/setup page and find your printer configuration, then search for the ‘Printer model number’ and press the ‘Install’ button.

3: Now open the ‘Downloads’ folder and double-click the ‘Printer setup program’ tab to open.

4: Turn your ‘HP Wireless Printer’ ‘On’ and prepare your printer to connect to your operating device.

5: Reach to the ‘Network’ section by following the instructions given on-screen.

6: When an option of ‘Wireless printer’ will prompt on your screen, click on ‘Ok’ and ‘Next’.

7: Now click on ‘Yes, give the printer my wireless settings’ and wait while your wireless printer connects to the operating system.

8: Once you receive all the related information. Hit the button of ‘Finish’ and print the documents using the newly configured wireless printer.

How To Install An HP Wireless Printer Via CD Media?

The installation procedure of an HP wireless printer into your operating system completes in just a few steps. To begin with the steps, buy a CD of HP printer from the official HP India retail shop and follow the subsequent lists.

1: Take out the CD from the pack and insert in your Disk Drive

Note: You must ensure that the CD has no scratches. "123.hp.com"

2: Your operating system will notify you about the CD inserted, click on the message


2: Click on the ‘Start’ button and go to the ‘Computers’

3: Double click on ‘CD Drive..’ and open it

4: Hit the button of ‘Run’ after reading and agreeing with the ‘Terms and Conditions’

5: Follow the on-screen instruction, if any and the installation process will complete

Now, you can scan and print any document via your new HP printer.

How Can I Make My Mac Recognize My HP Wireless Printer?

If you want your Mac device to recognize the new HP wireless printer, read the below-mentioned and implement them one by one.

How to reinstall HP wireless printer?

Once the PC starts after a while, download and install your HP wireless printer via 123.hp.com/setup page

Once you apply all the aforementioned steps you will be able to uninstall and reinstall the HP wireless software immediately.

Left with more questions? Drop them into our comment section and get immediate answers.

We are hopeful that this detailed and informative guide helped you. In case you could not follow any of the above-mentioned procedures and seek some help, contact our customer support. HP Instant Ink .

123.hp.com/setup Guide for HP Printer Installation

123.hp.com/setup — Windows 10 is supported on the 123 HP com configuration printer. Search and find your HP Printer’s best software and driver on our site. If you have any problems while running Windows 10 with your 123 HP Setup printer, you can use HP Print and Scan Doctor to analyze and resolve the problem. [ Software & Drivers] 123.hp.com setup

How to Configure printer using 123.hp.com/setup?

HP Experts on this site will help you monitor your system by recommending the correct software and driver to keep your device up to date. Follow step-by-step instructions provided for additional details on 123.hp.com/setup.

First time 123 HP printer setup & installation

Step 1: 123 HP Unboxing Printer Setup

Step 2: 123.hp.com setup Printer Power Cord Connect

Step 3: How to load HP printer paper

Step 4: How to install HP printer ink cartridge

Step 5: Align the 123 hp com Printer tin cartridges

Step 6: Install the driver software 123 HP Printer

In your 123-hp printer, the driver plays a crucial role. The driver’s primary purpose is to communicate between the printer and the computer.

The driver can be downloaded from the link on the website. A new window opens by clicking on the link. Enter the printer model and select your computer’s operating system.

Once the printer software is downloaded, install it by following the on-screen instructions. During the installation procedure, select network connectivity mode.

123 HP Printer Driver Download & Installation Setup

All HP Printers are supplied with a printer program driver Software CD. The device drivers for your printer can also be downloaded and installed from 123.hp.com/setup.

For printers with display and without display, the Driver Installation process is almost the same but if you want more details about the installation of the printer, you can visit the printer-specific pages for more comprehensive instructions.

To complete the installation process follows the instructions on the computer.

Driver Download for Mac using 123.hp.com/setup

Go to 123.hp.com/setup at first, and download the HP Deskjet printer driver by entering the HP DeskJet printer model code. Before that hit the Downloads portion of HP Software and Driver. Now, vote for the currently available operating system. First, select the Mac operating system version, and then press Start. The Driver file will start downloading, and will now pick the link form as USB. A similar fashion, download and install the HP Scan. Second, click the printer name, and then click the option Add. Finally, go back to your HP installer to complete the installation process.

123.hp.com/setup – HP OfficeJet Printer Setup

In the easiest way to print from Android devices or tablets the HP Officejet printers can save time. The HP OfficeJet Pro printers can print high output and feature smart touches.

123.hp.com/ojpro General Setup

Printer, setup sheet, reference guide, ink cartridges, power cords are included in the HP Officejet printers kit. Do all the connections necessary to power up the 123.hp.com/setup. Following that, continue with the initial setup such as selecting your language, country, date and time. Next, press the Wireless button on your printer control panel. Now the Description Wireless Display appears. Second, tap Settings, and tap Setup Wizard for Wireless. Finally, continue with the instructions on the control panel to get the printer’s network connection.

How to Setup HP OfficeJet Printer?

Firstly, look for the specifications below to install the HP OfficeJet Printer Setup on Mac; The HP OfficeJet printer must be in place, USB cable, and the computer’s USB printer cable must be delinked. Download HP Easy Start now on 123.hp.com. Afterwards type the printer model code, confirm the operating system and download the HP OfficeJet printer software. Choose the link form as USB on Mac computer. Next, make sure the HP Scan is selected from the Install tab. And now, if you want to add the printer, pick the printer name and press the Use Print button. Then press the Add option under the pop-up menu. Finally, go back to your HP installer to complete the installation process.

How to Setup HP OfficeJet E-Print?

Next, power the printer and insert paper into the input tray, and test for installation of the cartridge. Next on the Internet services move ahead. Click the HP print icon on the printer control panel, and then press Setup. Start with the on-screen instructions on the Web services after that. Then, the control panel will see the email address and the information configuration tab will display. Look for the HP eprintemail address you see on the screen and start printing from your computer, Chromebook, etc.

How to Connect the HP OfficeJet Printer to Wi-Fi networks?

HP Officejet Printer Driver Download

The HP OfficeJet printer software is downloadable from the 123.hp.com/setup. Visit the Software tab and first press the Printer button. Second, enter the printer model number in the specified box in the next tab, and press Send. This will guide you to the section about HP Technology and Drivers. Two drop-down box should appear in Adjust preferred operating system.

Pick your operating system from the first window, that is to say Windows or Mac. Select edition of the OS under the second window. Check the info, and click the download button. Upload the driver file to the chosen destination. Most significantly, double-click on the driver to run and install the script. The update of the HP Officejet Pro driver can be achieved using the details above.

How to Copy and Scan using HP OfficeJet Printers?

First, to continue with copying the originals on the HP OfficeJet printer’s platen glass. Second, tap the Copy option under the Home screen on the control panel. Before that, opt for the amount of copies you want. Tap the Preview icon for Print then press Back. Third, tap the Settings button, and pick the advanced copy settings you like. Click Back and then go back to the Copy page. And to start with, tap Black or Color, the copying job

How to Fix the Issues with HP OfficeJet Printer Setup?

The measures below will help solve the installation issues on 123.hp.com/setup

123.hp.com/laserjet – HP LaserJet Printer Setup

The HP LaserJet printer is designed for improved business efficiency and productivity and under the HP LaserJet printer there are plenty of versions with different features. This can print 10,000 copies in a month and the speed of printing is up to 24 ppm.

HP Laserjet Printer General Setup

At first, unwrapping the HP LaserJet printer kit is all it needs to be. First, test the necessary contents such as toner cartridges, poster set up, reference guide, etc. Create all necessary connections on the 123.hp.com/setup to power it. Then move on with the basic setup such as selecting the language, country, date and time. Now, connect the LaserJet HP Printer to the network. Similarly, honestly mount the ink cartridges, then load the papers into the tray following the printer’s prompts. So the general configuration of the HP Laserjet printer is complete

Installing HP LaserJet Printer Driver 123.hp.com/setup

123.hp.com/setup For Windows 7

How to Setup HP LaserJet E-Print using 123 HP Printer?

Switch the machine on first, then the HP Laserjet printer. Now, the printer will be connected to the internet and the web services enabled will be shown on the control panel. Enable e-print option after that. So then set the HP LaserJet printer email address so select the services you want.

Once you have completed the above steps, the e-print manual will be printed.

How to Copy and Scan using HP LaserJet Printers?

First, load the documents onto the HP LaserJet printer’s platen bottle. Following that, press the Menu Copy button and change the default settings. First, press the Lighter or Darker button, and then click the keypad to use the number of copies. Eventually, click the Start Copy button, the copying job to continue with

How to Connect the HP LaserJet Printer to Wi-Fi networks?

Windows APP First of all, go to the printer control panel to connect the HP LaserJet printer to the web using 123.hp.com/setup. Last, hit the Menu button for Wireless. And then press the Wireless Setup button and from the list available, opt for the Network. Provide the password after the printer prompt, and then press the OK button

Connect Mac using HP Smart

How to Fix the Issues with HP LaserJet Printer Setup?