123.hp.com - Download HP Printer Driver and Setup Printer

123.hp.com is an online platform from where users can easily find the drivers for their hp printers. Whenever any user brings a hp printer, the initial step is to unpack the hp printer and then move on with the hp printer setup procedure. The user can also contact the hp customer service team for assistance related to the hp printer setup process.

Through the online platform, i.e., 123.hp.com, the users can easily setup their printers and download drivers for their printers. However, if any user faces issues during the setup process or fails to download the hp printer drivers must contact the hp customer service team.

The users can smoothly perform the setup process of their wired or wireless printers via 123.hp.com. However, the setup procedure is simple and easy to understand. Therefore the user doesn't have to perform the back-breaking steps to setup their Hp printer. Although, for all users, we have here discussed the easy and straightforward steps to setup the hp printer.

Firstly, the users will have to unpack their printer and install the printer cartridges accordingly. Therefore, after installing the cartridge, the users are advised to load the papers in the paper tray. After that, connect the printer with their system. After this, visit the official website, i.e., 123.hp.com, and then move further with the setup procedure.

On the official website of Hp, i.e., 123.hp.com, the user can choose the printer type. There are four different printer types mentioned on the website like “OfficeJet,” “DeskJet,” ENVY,” “LaserJet.” So, when the user hits on one of the following printer types, they will have to type the printer model in the search bar on the official website. After typing the printer model, click on the “Next” option. Then proceed further with the setup process.

Furthermore, there is an option available for all users, i.e., “Create an Account” and “Sign In,” so choose the one accordingly. The users having an account can click on the “Sign In” option, and the one who doesn’t have an account can click on the “Create an Account” option to create an account. Additionally, the users can also choose a location under the “Country/Region” option.

Perform setup procedure via 123.hp.com/setup

The user can efficiently execute the hp printer setup process via 123.hp.com/setup. To carry out the setup procedure, open the official website, type the hp printer model in the given field, and hit on the “Next” option. However, once the user clicks on the “Next” button, the download button will appear on the screen. After that, tap on the download option and then follow the on-screen prompts to accomplish the HP Printer Setup process.

Hp printers are used across the world by millions of people. Also, hp printers are famous for their unique and sleek design, printing speed, and latest printing features. But to experience the most out of the hp printers, the users will first have to setup their printer, and then only they can perform the printing tasks.

The users who cannot perform the setup procedure or are facing issues while setting up the printer must go through the steps mentioned below. Therefore, by applying these steps, the users can easily setup their printer. So, scroll down and follow the steps described below to successfully setup the printer.

  • Note: The users are suggested to unbox the printer and then place it on the plane surface.

  • After this, carefully connect the printer to the power supply.

  • Then turn the printer “ON.”

  • Now the users would be asked to set the preferences like language settings, region, etc.

  • After this, move on with the printer cartridge installation procedure.

  • Note: The users are advised to use genuine printer cartridges to prevent printing issues.

  • Then carefully place the paper in the paper tray.

  • Note: The users are advised to keep the paper correctly in the paper tray to prevent paper jam issues.

  • Then the users are suggested to check the printer alignment.

  • Note: The users are advised to print a test page to examine the printer alignment.

  • Now open the internet browser on the system.

  • After this, type the official website, i.e., 123.hp.com, in the browser’s address bar to complete the HP printer setup process.

  • When the official website gets open, choose the printer type and then enter the printer model.

  • After this, follow the on-screen instruction to achieve the printer setup procedure.

After applying the above-stated steps, the users can easily accomplish the setup procedure in a hassle-free manner. However, if the user encounters any issue with the setup procedure, they are advised to contact the hp customer service team's experts.