What it all about

Beta testing, Reviews and Projects

We have been Beta testing and working on some great Projects, so our main focus at the moment wil on that, its very rewarding and fun.

open source experience expert

As an open source experience expert we support and work with Ubuntu LTS desktop, this platform gives a solid basis for the digital workspace. Its a free and open solution that is used world wide by many people and scientific organizations. Its also often used for NGO work and other Humanitarian organizational work. A great piece of the internet runs on open source software and more recently its also often used for programming robots and the work with Artificial Intelligence. It even runs on mars, since the mars rover software is linux and open source.

Beside the work for 101Labs we are always interested and investigating in new way’s of using technology to involve people to work together , co-create and find solutions to the big challenges of our time, for our planet and for our common future. And from the digital realm to the public space its so important to have human centered design, to create new spaces and opportunities for a better society.

We are testing setups on the Ubuntu linux desktop, to demonstrate and test how it can work for daily use in the real world situations.On that desktop we Beta test new coming software to evaluate, create and improve these solutions. This is an dynamic world that is in constant movement, which makes it really interesting to work with.

prototyping and setups

solutions with raspberry pi, microbit and arduino experiments, wordpress installs and lots of other prototypes, there are so many good development boards, educational tools and open source software solutions that go with it, the list is growing every day. So instead of trying to cover them all we just work with the most interesting that we find or go for the ones that are most needed at any given moment, its always a hands on learning proces.

Our drive

We are open to think and work with all who are interested in or are working for the principles that will create the much needed change in the world today. For a Just Society, for Equality, Education open for all and the co-operation of morality, the deeper inner meaning (Spirituality) and Science.

We have done open source projects and worked with diverse players in that field, cooperated with and for open source related events. Worked with Ulab MIT project to understand the issue`s of current society better. Studied the Cooper-Hewitt’s design thinking method for building and co-creating hands on projects. And drawing inspiration from the Bahá’í International Community and their vision for a world in unity. The BIC and the Bahai Faith especially have very interesting and inspirational statements. (For the Betterment of the World: The Worldwide Bahá'í Community's Approach to Social and Economic Development)

Meaning Full Making

is a term that has just recently become more widely known , its origin was the hacker spaces and maker scenes, where tinkering with electronics and other materials are common playground. To take this tinkering and making a step further, that is to make something not only just for fun but with a specific purpose or to use the occasion to create a space for a meaning full conversation is the next level that we are trying to achieve. The meaning full Making can revolve around current issues, for example one or more of the Social Development Goals, or just simple the issue's around this digital age like Privacy, Artificial Intelligence and the effects on our lives and other topics. As we do and learn to work with this in mind we hope to generate a knowledge set that will expand in the future.

101Labs PopUp-Lab

We are lucky to have the possibility to be able to work At the LOCHAL in tilburg the netherlands where we are running a PopUp-Lab ( Burgemeester Brokxlaan 1000 5041 SG Tilburg )


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Get in touch

Its alway's nice to hear from you, your project and the things your group or NGO works on. For shure there are so many like you that want positive change in the world and connecting will accelerate this process. We are all workers and learners on this path. So if you like to connect you can contact me and learn more about my work at :


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