Dronology: An Incubator for Cyber-Physical Systems Research

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In Proc. of the 98th Int'l Conf. on Software Engineering, ICSE-NIER 2018 (accepted for publication)

Requirements Monitoring Frameworks: A Systematic Review

M. Vierhauser, R. Rabiser, and P. Gr├╝nbacher

In: Information and Software Technology, vol 80 2016, pp. 89-109.

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A Systematic Mapping Study on DSL Evolution

J. Thanhofer-Pilisch, A. Lang, M. Vierhauser, and R. Rabiser

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What Questions do Requirements Engineers Ask?

S. Malviya, M. Vierhauser, J. Cleland-Huang and S. Ghaisas,

In: Proc. of the 25th Int'l Requirements Engineering Conference