Victor Central Department of Health & Physical Education

Health & Physical Education

Shared Vision Statements:

ELEMENTARY: Development of physically and socially engaged students by preparing them through a variety of age appropriate fundamentals with enthusiasm, encouragement and empathy.

SECONDARY: Foster the growth of lifelong wellness (Physical, Mental & Social) through respect, honesty, and positive relationships


Prioritized Keys To Success

  1. STUDENTS - Physically, Mentally and Socially Safe

  2. HOW - Worthwhile; Meeting the Districts Mission (To Teach, To Learn, To Support, To Improve, To Achieve!)

  3. WHY - Shared Vision Developed by Staff

  4. GROWTH - Quantifiable Goals/Objectives

  5. ENGAGEMENT - Are they having FUN


Victor Central School Health Education & Physical Education Leadership Team

Director of Health, Physical Education & Athletics

7-12 Teacher Leader

K-6 Teacher Leader

K-6 Health Coordinator

Aquatics Director