Holistic Health with Colleen

Do you know of someone who has tried everything they could think of to find relief from their stress but came up short? That was me. I had an impeccable diet, attend church regularly, was an avid athlete, and still had anxiety through the roof. I am not discounting the value of any of the above but for me, I realized I needed something more. I found the missing piece in holistic health. I have been practicing while continuing to study for over 12 years. I've helped many people overcome seemingly insurmountable inner turmoil. As an expert in holistic health, I am fully equipped to help you to find your inner peace and show you how to maintain it.

This guided meditation will soothe your inner fight/flight/freeze/fawn. Take a minute for yourself and let some stuff go - for good!

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Fun little exercise to read your energy field.

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