Veterans for Idaho Voters (V4IV) is a cross-partisan and independent group of Idaho military veterans who advocate for fair elections, citizen initiatives, civil politics and sensible policies.

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There are 160,000 military veterans in Idaho, the 6th highest in the U.S.
Roughly half of military veterans prefer to vote independent. As a result, veterans make up one of the largest groups of Idaho's 270,000 independent voters.
Veterans served this country but can't vote in publicly funded primaries. That's just plain wrong.
Join the V4IV team and help us pass the Open Primaries Initiative to give Idahoans the freedom to vote in all elections.

Try a sample instant runoff (aka ranked choice voting) ballot and see which dessert voters like best. 

V4IV is a proud coalition member of Idahoans for Open Primaries

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V4IV is the Idaho affiliate of Veterans for All Voters, a national organization that is building and mobilizing a community of military veterans to advocate for election innovations that unlock competition, make our politics less toxic and our government more effective.

V4IV is proud to partner with the Idaho chapter of Mormon Women for Ethical Government. We are working together to discuss the benefits of the Open Primaries Initiative with Idahoans across the state.