Entrepreneurship S1

Blog #15 - Jan 11 to Jan 15

This week was a very busy week for me. I spent most of my time working in the lab on two projects. The first one was the soldier project, in which I cut one of the designs on the laser cutter. Spencer cut the other two, so I assisted him with those two. It was tough to learn how to use the laser cutter after nearly two years, but I did well on my first cut. I spent a majority of the time on the design, making sure it was ready to go, as another person in my group had made it. We did all three of the cuts on Tuesday, as we spent the majority of Monday preparing the designs and didn't have enough time.

In addition to that, I also worked on the laser job that I had gotten previously. I had to work on this on Thursday, as I spent all of Monday and Tuesday on the soldier project. I ran into some problems at first, as Inkscape wouldn't save the file as a pdf. However, after a little while, I was able to successfully load the file and make the cut. I delivered the finished plates to the customer later that day. Now, I have to complete the rest of the project checklist by next Friday.

Blog # 14 - Jan 4 to Jan 8

This week we weren't able to go into the lab, so we spent most of our time planning out our projects. I met up with the rest of my house during the meetings and we went over what would need to get our projects done next week. The other members of our group on the soldier project house joust decided to work on the design, while I planned to go to the lab next week to cut it out.

In other news, I also received a job from a friend who was willing to pay for something that I would laser cut in the lab. This would count as a sale, but it needs to be done next week as he is leaving the following weekend. I received the designs and plan to use the laser for that once we finish the house joust. I also need to review the other parts of the project checklist, such as creating a quote calculator and a sales draft. Finishing this project and the house joust will help me finish both project checklists before the semester.

This is the design that he sent me for the project

Blog#13 - Dec 14 to Dec 18

This week, we did not get much actual work done. Instead, we spent most of our time planning out our projects for when we return from winter break. We primarily talked about the soldier project and got estimates of the size for the final project. When we return, we only have about two weeks before the end of the semester, though, so my group for the project is aiming to finish the soldier project in the first week. This will allow us to work on the second project for the remaining time in the semester. My house has given some thought to the other projects and it seems that one group will work on the other house joust, the loop pin, and the other will create t-shirts with our logo.

In addition, my house has also began thinking about our strategy for tackling the projects in second semester. As it looks like we may not be able to return to campus because of the COVID cases, we will have to adapt to efficiently create products under the circumstances. I believe we are ready for this, though.

Blog #12 - Dec 7 to Dec 11

This week, I did not go to the lab, but I still spent time planning my design. Using the designs that I will receive from the other members from my group, I am going to make awards for the best film and medal of honor awards. We received more information about the house joust this week as well, such as the dimensions and stuff that should be included in it. For the project, posters need to be created as well, so we have to think about that. If I get the designs from the members of my group, I will visit the lab this week and use the laser cutter to create it. I have already chosen the material I will use and planned out the rest of it.

In other news this week, the other group that is working on the logo has some initial designs. This is good as we can use the final design for t-shirts and other things for a future project. There is also the other house joust, the loop-pin. My house hasn't begun discussion on that one, so it does not look like that will be one of our priorities. However, if we finish all of our other projects, we might work on it.

This is one of the preliminary designs by one of our members.

Blog#11 - Nov 30 to Dec 4

This week was my first time working back in the D-Tech lab this year. It was fun to be back as I got to see some people from my house and plan the project that we are working on. For my first project, I am working with 3 other members of my house on creating awards for the soldier project. I signed up for manufacturing some of the projects, as I am going to be in the lab. This week, I spent most of my time getting reacquainted with the machines and planning out other aspects of the project, such as what material would be used and what the dimensions were. On Monday, a member of my house, Spencer, was working on his part of the project, so I decided to work with him to see how he used the machines, as I haven't used them in over a year. Then, on Tuesday, I created an sketch of the finished product as I haven't received any designs from the other members of my project yet.

Next week, my plan is to use my time in the lab to create finished designs, using what I am given. I also plan to talk to my house about the other house joust, which includes a loop-pin for runners. It would be beneficial if my house were to start working on this early, rather than later.

Blog #10 - Nov 16 to Nov 24

Last week we planned out all of quarter 2 and the projects that our house is going to be working on. We also split up into teams for our first project and divided up the activities. First, I am going to be working on the awards for the soldier project with 3 other people. I signed up for the production aspect of the project because I am going to be going to the lab. So, some of the people working with me will be create the design for the awards and then they will send it to me and I will manufacture it in the lab, most likely using acrylic to make our final project look more finished. The other group in our house is working on the logo and then we plan to use that to create house T-shirts in the future.

I will not be going into the lab this week, as there is no work ready to be done. Once we come back from Thanksgiving break, we will be working on the designs that we have. Four people from my house, including me, are going to be going back to the lab starting next week. This makes it easier to manufacture designs created by the rest of the members. I am not that worried about getting sick by going back on campus as I am sure there are many procedures implemented to ensure everyone's safety.

This is not our logo, just a draft that one of our members made last year.

Blog #9 - Nov 9 to Nov 13

This week we continued preparing for the three projects that would be due this quarter. In class, we went over how we would submit the projects and what type of projects would be allowed. We also prepared for our return to the classroom by going over the safety procedures and the google form. I like the opportunity that D-Tech is offering us, as the possibility of returning to campus in January is diminishing every day.

During this week, we also met with our houses to figure out the logistics of the projects. Since, there is a maximum of six people per project, we decided to divide our house into groups of four. When we met with our houses, we also came up with ideas on what we are going to be creating. Lately, our house has been thinking about working on our own line of clothing, which would raise awareness for the fires, but now we are having some new ideas come in. We thought about making t-shirts for some other organization or working on hoodies for our own house. We are still figuring out the logistics, though, so none of the people in my group are going to the lab on Monday or Tuesday, so we don't waste other peoples' time in the lab.

Blog #8 - Nov 2 to Nov 6

This week was spent preparing for what would be due in Quarter 2 and how different things would be from first quarter. We found out that we would have to be working on three projects by the semester. This means I will finally be able to work with my house using the machines that we picked up on distribution day. I'm excited to get into groups and to be able to put our minds together to come up with an innovative project and to use what we learned first quarter to complete a sale. In our houses, we went over the logistics about our logo and our website.

This week, we also covered the guideline on how we would come back to the classrooms. We are going to be going back to the lab one day per week and at the same time, following safe practices. I'm excited to finally be back on campus working in the lab after nearly eight months. This is going to make working on our projects more efficient and effective.

Blog #7 - Oct 19 to Oct 23

All of this week was spent preparing for the business venture pitch on Friday. Earlier in the week, we divided up the work, with Spencer spending his time on the elevator pitch, and Chance and I dividing up the work on the slides and the logo. Since I was working on the slides, for the most part, I took inspiration from viewing the slides of other companies. This helped me create an idea to base my slide deck off of. I liked working on the different aspects of our business, because I feel like our idea was really well planned. In the end, I feel like our group did well, with Spencer doing really well on the pitch.

We also heard that the machines our houses ordered are coming in about two weeks. Also, next quarter, we are going to be starting to move more into working in the D-Tech lab. I am excited for this because I get to work more with my house now, to create what we envisioned at the beginning of the year. I hope to use whatever skills we learned this quarter and apply it to any project that I work on with my house.

Blog #6 - Oct 12 to Oct 16

We spent the majority of the time this week working on our business venture project. At the beginning of the week, we filled out the business model canvas with all of our information on our product. In my group, with Spencer and Chance, we came up with a tool that could promote cleanliness in public places during the pandemic. It took a while to think of the best possible idea for the tool, but we feel like we combined all of our different thoughts to create a working prototype. I had fun working on this project because we had to think from a different standpoint to see how our product would function in society with all of the problems facing it. It was also good to think up the logistics of the business and come up with our name and logo. Overall, this week, we spent most of our time working on our business venture project, which we are going to present next week.

We also heard a little more about how we are going to be returning to school, in addition to information about the machines we had ordered. I am excited to be able to use the machines and work with my house in quarter 2.

Blog #5 - Oct 5 to Oct 9

This week we started the project where we are prototyping a business. I joined a group with two other people and we have already started and decided on what product we want to create. The precursor to this project was a lesson on business intent and the factors of a business environment. I enjoyed hearing about what we should consider when working on our business prototype and I look forward to implementing our idea in a business environment.

This week, we also read through the book of ideas that we got at picture day. I found this book very interesting as it was filled with many ideas and tips on what to take into consideration when working in entrepreneurship. There were also designs throughout the book that made it even more interesting as we had to think from a designer's perspective. Also, there were different designs from the same logo and I thought that was interesting to see how different designs would resonate with different people.

We also heard on Friday that soon, we might be able to go back to the lab with our houses. This excited me because I can finally be back on campus and that my house can finish designs and products faster and more efficiently.

Blog #4 - Sep 21 to Sep 25

The majority of this week was spent on starting the business unit of the class. On Tuesday, we had a presentation about the various aspects of business vision and innovation. Here, I learned about desirability, feasibility, and viability, which are the three aspects to starting a successful business. I was interested when Tesla Motors was used as an example and how the necessity, practicality, and sustainability all merged together to create one of the biggest automative industries in the world. After this lesson, I started thinking about how my house could implement these practices. We also had an Entrepreneurial Discovery Chart, where we study various businesses, as homework, which I am excited to do so I can see how different business have become successful through their business mindset.

I also talked to my house this week about completing some of our early requirements. We are meeting this weekend to take team pictures. We are also starting to decide on our logo and a wildfire logo because of our vision, which is to raise awareness for the wildfires on the west coast. We will also begin work on our website soon to make everything as perfect as possible. I am excited for the future, when we can actually start work on our vision.

Blog #3 - Sep 14 to Sep 18

The biggest part of this week was talking to my house and coming up with a plan and a vision for our business. Because of the ongoing disasters on the west coast, we decided that we wanted to manufacture apparel, targeting, but not limited to, teenagers, that could bring awareness to the wildfires. That became our vision, so we have ordered two screen printers and a vinyl cutter for when we get to work. We are also working on updating the team website and logo and we are taking new house pictures. Hopefully, in the future, we are able to get started on our work so we can learn the basics of business.

This week, we also finished up the Entrepreneurship Essentials unit in our class and have started on business prototyping. We began with a lesson on startups on Friday. This lesson was very interesting to me because I plan on working in a startup or starting my own when I am younger and have just graduated from college. During this lesson, we learned key words, such as capital and startup ecosystems, that would be very helpful to me in the future, as well as the difference between a consumer and business market. I am excited for learning more about business and being able to work with my house for the first time.

Blog #2 - Sep 7 to Sep 11

This week, we continued on with our lesson on entrepreneurship. I read a couple articles on essential qualities of entrepreneurs. This helped me think about how I could work on my mindset to be a better worker. I believe that if I could work better in difficult situations and be able to learn more from my failures, I could be a better team player for my house. This lesson also helped me narrow down what I want to work on in the future. I believe my ambition and my interest and skills in technology can help me be a good entrepreneur in the future. We also learned about big entrepreneurial names in today's industry, such as Bill Gates and Fred Smith. Looking at these guys gave me confidence to work hard so I can try to be successful in the future. Overall, the lesson on entrepreneurship has helped me think about how I can work on my mindset to be a better asset to my house right now and successful in the future.

This week, I also had my first meeting with my new house. I can already tell that this new environment that I find myself in is going to help me greatly. The members are all hard workers and team players that want what is best for everyone. We have also requested some parts and will probably be starting work soon. I am excited for what I can bring to the table.

Blog #1 - Aug 31 to Sep 4

Since this was the first technical week of school, most of the time was spent introducing the class. The highlight of this week was the lesson on Friday about entrepreneurship. Here, we were presented with the definition of an entrepreneur and also how they fare in today's climate and the mindset that it takes to be successful. A couple key terms I learned were barrier to entry and pursuit. I have experienced barriers to entry, most notably "risk of failure", many times before, but I never quite understood what it was. I think knowing this term now will help me be able to fight against it in the future to make sure I don't hurt my house. Another term I learned was pursuit, which is a singular focus in a short window of time. I think pursuit will help me be able to work better under pressure.

For now, I can't say how this lesson will help my house and I grow better because I don't have enough experience with my house. This week, I also switched houses from Interstellar to Imperium. Although I know all of the people in my new house, I can't say much except that these ideas could help us be organized and more efficient in the future.

I have shown qualities of an entrepreneur and a worker, but I believe I am an entrepreneur. In sophomore year D-Tech and even in other places, I always look to challenge myself with harder projects and find different ways to complete them. At times, I even look to help lead my team through difficult projects. I believe that makes me an entrepreneur over a worker.