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Winter & Spring Registration

Registration is in full swing.

Make an appointment to talk about registration or any other issues we might help with.

Experiential Funding

Political Science Majors are invited to apply for up to $1000 to support any experiential learning activity during the Spring 2024 semester. This could include covering living expenses while you do an internship, contributing to the cost of a study abroad program, or student research expenses.  

To apply, please go to the RAMS Scholarship Hub 

Students need to sign in to complete the application.  Additional information can be found on the POLI EL Canvas Page.  (Can’t access this?  Click this link to join our site). 

The deadline for applications is Friday, December 1

Resource Quick Links

Find a variety of VCU resources in one spot - from the Political Science librarian, to studying abroad to academic tutoring. 

Need help?

Virtual care from anywhere with Timely Care

TimelyCare delivers free, 24/7 access to virtual care, self-care, and well-being tools. The VCU Counselling center is still a resource for mental health care. See the box below

Learning Center

Tutoring, Academic Coaching and more

Services available online

Writing Center

Get help and a second pair of eyes on your papers

Your Library

A place to study, a place to research and a place to get a coffee. Also a place to work with your POLI librarian

Your Librarian

She can help from the very start of a paper or project and can save you a lot of time and effort. Utilize her.

Career Services

From job search logistics to what do you want to do with your life. You don't have to wait until you are about to graduate.

Global Education Office

Want to go somewhere? There are many options. Learn what is possible.

National Scholarship Office

Investigate scholarship opportunities and resources

Resources and Help

Places and people to turn to for answers and help in a variety or areas

Student Opportunity Center

Nation's largest database for internships, scholarships, events, publishing and volunteering opportunities, funding, and more.

Rams Connect

Student activities calendar and student organization/club directory

Student Support Form

When submitted a notification will inform the campus official responsible for the area of your request

Counselling Center

Offers a variety of mental health options for students

Important Dates

The official location for important VCU dates - breaks, exam periods, registration and more

Departmental  Website

More information about VCU's Political Science Department

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Other Course Options, Majors & Minors

These are not  fully comprehensive lists but they do give a good selection of course options if you are looking to fulfill your Experiential Fine Art requirement.

You probably have "open electives" available (classes that are not POLI or Gen Ed requirements). You may choose classes in a wide range of other departments.

You might have enough open electives to add a second major or a minor

How to get Advising Help

Consult this google site

Look here first for basic information and useful links; this website is the fastest and easiest way to get the information you may need and it's available 24/7

Send us an email

If you have basic questions and do not see the answer on this google site, or if you have trouble making an appointment on Navigate during listed hours you may send us an email

For Nathan Bickett   bickettnw@vcu.edu

For Jen Clayton   claytonja@vcu.edu

For general inquiries   poliadvisor@vcu.edu

Come for Virtual or In-Person Advising

You may make an appointment through Navigate

If you have trouble making an appointment or need a time outside the times listed, send us an email at the above email address and we will work out a time to meet.

Most appointments are currently held on Zoom, but we also have in-person appointments. 

Our office is located on the third floor of Founders Hall - 827 W. Franklin St - in room 312 (at the base of the ramp).

More to know...

Have a POLI-oriented internship lined up for fall and may want to take it for credit? 

A few things to know: