Vype Replay has moved

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Hey VYPE Replay fans, thank you all heavily for the support you all gave our initial video product over the last 18 months! We are happy to announce that we are moving away from VYPE Replay to our new platform Varsity Hype this month. We have launched a completely different company focused on the development of our product and dedicated to competing in the sports video software space.

We are excited to present our soft launch to each and every one of you all and wanted to give all our current users the ability to opt into our new platform. We would like to interact with you prior to moving your historical content over to our new platform and would like for anyone looking to participate in our new platform to fill out the form below.

VYPE Replay moved and we want to make sure all users have the opportunity to transfer their content over. The content will live in our archives but we will need those who want access to it on our new platform to opt in. All users will need to create an account on our new platform and have their old content/teams transferred over. Please fill out the form below.

Access will cost $5.99/month of all historical content.

Varsity Hype inc