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The Relationships Group is a therapy group that is facilitated through an experiential process that is designed to help its members to improve their romantic, familial, professional, and personal relationships.  Group members are guided through exercises that will help them to enhance their interpersonal skills related to emotional intimacy, communication, shyness, assertiveness, openness/vulnerability with others, anger management, abandonment, rejection, conflict resolution, and anger management.  By improving their interpersonal skills and learning how their relational style impacts others, group members may be empowered to overcome obstacles related to dating frustration and confusion,  social isolation and loneliness,  marriage difficulties, boundary and infidelity issues, and other toxic relational patterns. This is a mixed gender group ranging from five to eight people. Group members meet on a weekly basis for one to one and a half hours. 

Please call (702) 291-8364 to learn more details about group therapy at Vantage Counseling.

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