Mrs. Sferrazza's Math Class

Welcome to math!

Math is all around us. You are "doing math' even when you think you're not! For example, how fast are you reading this? How many words do you read per minute? EVERYONE can do math. It just takes practice and effort. That is where you come in. Believe in yourself and try your best. Tell yourself that you can achieve great things when you put your mind to it.

Remember, when you change your words, you can change your mind!

Growth Mindset

Do you know what a Growth Mindset is? How many times has someone asked you to do something and you immediately said "Oh, I can't do this"? When you do that and say that to yourself, you have already decided that it is too difficult and that you will fail. Sometimes, you don't even try. You might be afraid to take a chance and make a mistake or you might think you will not get the correct answer. You are afraid because you'll be embarrassed or feel uncomfortable. Those types of responses are called a closed mindset. You've already made your decision and your brain has heard you! A growth mindset is more open. You are okay with not knowing how to do something and you're not sure of the outcome. And that's okay with you! Mistakes make your brain grow! Mistakes help you figure out different ways to solve problems. You know that saying "if first you don't succeed, try and try again." Well, it is very true! If you make a mistake, you analyze what you did, then try another path. Hopefully, that path will lead you a little closer to solving the problem.

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