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Steven Singleton (beige jacket) Receiving the Golbon Merchandizing Excellence Award

Golbon Merchandizing Excellence Award

Steven is the son of Steve Singleton, the owner of Valley Food Service. Literally growing up in the business, he has worked almost every job category from warehouseman to delivery person, and has found his true gift in sales. He has an amazing ability to open new doors, and a knack of dealing with even our most difficult customers.

He also works with all of our sales staff to broaden the product base in existing accounts. His service level to his customers is unrivaled, giving all his personal touch.

Steven has earned the right to be considered as the Merchandising Excellence winner due to his ability to reduce obsolete inventory, manage and pre-order product to meet his customers needs, and due to his support of all of our marketing endeavors. Also, an

expert at accounts receivable issues, he has maintained most of his customers on a cash basis, therefore his outstanding days are amazing! He is truly an invaluable asset to Valley Food Service.

Steven is married to Irene, and they share three beautiful daughters. He is an amazing chef, constantly improving his culinary and barbequing techniques for family and friends.