Welcome to the WISP5 Wiki

What is the WISP?

The Wireless Identification and Sensing Platform (WISP) is an open source and fully hackable battery-free platform for experimentation with low-power sensing, computation, and communication. This wiki is a place for users and developers of the WISP to compile resources related to the WISP, to share knowledge, and to collaborate on large-scale projects.

A Few Guidelines

  • Check out the wiki sections in the navigation panel. First time users should look at the Getting Started section and also read through the FAQ

  • Source code and design files for the WISP5 are open source: WISP5 Firmware and Hardware

  • Got questions, or running into trouble? Got ideas for future WISP versions? Please email us at mailwisp at gmail dot com

  • The WISP5 is the latest iteration of the WISP. For resources related to the earlier WISP versions, see WISP 4.1, WISP 4.0

  • Looking for the NFC based WISP? The NFC-WISP interfaces with smartphone readers and more! See the NFC-WISP wiki


  • New! Compatibility with Impinj R420 readers sold in Asia (R420-GX2). See the 436kHz branch of the WISP5 Firmware Repository to get your WISPs talking to readers not sold in the USA.

  • Energy-optimized firmware stack with support for FM0 modulation and simpler application interface.

  • Read and Write command support out of the box.

  • MSP430FR5969 microcontroller with FRAM non-volatile memory for ultra low energy data storage and retrieval. * ADXL362 accelerometer with ridiculously low power consumption.

  • Coming Soon!

    • WISPCam 1.0

    • Ambient Backscatter WISP

    • Software Defined Reader

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For a more exhaustive list, please see the publications page.