eScience Institute, University of Washington

Joseph L. Hellerstein

Senior Data Science Fellow, eScience Institute

Affiliate Professor, Computer Science & Engineering

Fellow of the IEEE (for the practical application of control theory to computing systems)

Graduate Student Faculty

email: jlheller at uw dot edu

Office: Data Science Studio, 6th Floor, Physics and Astronomy Building, University of Washington

My research and teaching focus on the analysis of computational and biological systems. My work on control engineering of computing systems has been used in products at IBM, Microsoft, and Google, and has had thousands of research citations. Since joining the University of Washington, I have been focusing on the analysis of biological systems. Examples include predicting the phenotypes of microbe communities and improving the scale and robustness of model building in biology by incorporating technologies used in software engineering . At UW, I have developed and taught several courses: "Molecular Biology for Computer Scientists," "Software Development for Data Scientists" and "Computational Systems Biology for BioMedical Applications." My primary collaborators are in Chemical Engineering, BioEngineering, and Civil Engineering.