The Bryers Research Group

Exosome Engineering for Tissue Regeneration

Engineering Infection Immunity


Use of precision porous scaffolds generate unique macrophage and T cell populations that subsequently produce extracellular vesicles (exosomes, microvesicles) with unique miRNA and protein content that can drive tissue regeneration, cell re-programming, and resolve inflammation.

We are developing polymer scaffolds that upon implantation or injection will enhance the adaptive immune response by delivering self-replicating mRNA vaccine vectors. Applications include medical devices that self-protect against bacterial infections and cancer immunotherapies.

Our research over the past 30+ years has defined and quantified the biological and physical processes governing the formation and persistence of microbial biofilms in biotechnological and medical systems. Current activity includes: formation of amyloid fibrils in biofilms, complexed gallium anti-bacterial agents, and artificial opsonins that enhance innate immune response.