Teaching Math in the Elementary School:


Dr. Frances K. Harper


This site contains everything you need for MEDU 530: Teaching Math in the Elementary School. This section of is designed for those enrolled in the Child and Family Studies Program who are seeking initial licensure to teach PK-3 and who have completed their bachelor’s degree but have little or no preparation in teaching mathematics.

Class meets on Mondays 3:35-6:35pm at Bailey Education Complex 424.

This course blends an investigation of mathematics subject matter with an exploration of how children learn mathematics and what instructional strategies enhance that learning. In this course, you will develop: (1) a more robust understanding of the mathematics you will teach, (2) pedagogical knowledge and strategies for teaching mathematics to culturally and linguistically diverse children, (3) an understanding of children’s mathematical thinking and dispositions, and (4) an awareness of how social, historical, and institutional contexts of mathematics affect your work with children and their families.

The course focuses on three areas: (1) Principles for Individual and Whole Class Mathematics Instruction; (2) Principles for Community & Cultural Connections in Mathematics Instruction; and (3) Principles for Group Work in Math Instruction.

Faculty Contact Information

Instructor: Dr. Frances K. Harper, Assistant Professor of STEM Education

Office location: 446 Claxton Complex

Contact information: francesharper@utk.edu

Office hours (virtual or face-to-face): Before class and by appointment, face-to-face or virtual

Instructor website: http://francesharper.com

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