Elementary & Middle School Teaching Methods: Math

Dr. Frances K. Harper


This site contains everything you need for your 5 week introduction to teaching mathematics in elementary and middle school. For too long, students in math classrooms have been taught to meaninglessly execute mathematical procedures, and teachers try to seduce students into mathematics (without realizing they’re actually learning math). This course is based on another way of teaching mathematics. We want students not just to learn mathematics content (and know they’re learning it) but to think and act like mathematicians. We want students not just to “do” activities and problems, but to build understanding of the big ideas in mathematics. And we want this for every child. This mini-course is designed to introduce you to blending mathematical content knowledge with pedagogical practices so that you can support the mathematics learning of every student.

Faculty Contact Information

Instructor: Dr. Frances K. Harper, Assistant Professor of STEM Education

Office location: 446 Claxton Complex

Contact information: francesharper@utk.edu

Office hours (virtual or face-to-face): After class and by appointment

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