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Deep Web

Digital investigations, associations, and online behavior delivered in a detailed and accurate report. We do the work of verifying each detail so you do not have to. We do not DOX. What we do is gather all public internet data about the subject. Then we work with state, local, and federal law enforcement to provide appropriate actionable data.

The Workshop

Jeremy works with ink, and is known for his methodical technique. His use of Primacy of Line and Conservation of Strokes is captivating for its emotional depth.


An open ended journal about thoughts and musings. My views are my own, and do not represent the views of my employer, companies I work with, or any other relationship. And my views are usually goofy, surreal, liberal, meta, or all of the above.

Contact: Jeremy Pickett, Email: jeremy@useful.one, Insta: mrjaphroaig, Twitter: jeremy_pickett

The Workshop

As an artist and creator, Jeremy has been able to hang pieces with his fellow brothers and sisters from sea to shining sea. Jeremy usually works with a stiff pencil, Micron 0.005, Tombow Japanese calligraphy pens, and dip pens. He prefers PH. Marrtins, and the blues, greens, and reds from Windsor Newton.

I started cartooning 35 years ago when I was knee high to a grass hopper. It is hard to say pinpoint one reason why, but the work of Gary Larson, Nick Park, Andy Warhol, and Salvador Dali really spoke to me. It ignited that ineffible spark, which has culminated to today. I started the Studio dreaming of whimsy and ephemeralism. The ways lines can drift, support,'guide the story', and inspire others to ruminate the stories *I* had when drawing it.

I spent many years fixing laptops, servers, responding to security breaches, and reverse engineering computer viruses. This line of work continues to be exciting and fulfilling. Yet something was missing. It dawned on me in 2018 that many visual arts seemed to graple with even presenting a story, let alone providing emotional context in the blink of an eye. I cannot tell you how many times, without prompting, someone will say, "Those are the most empathic illustrations I have ever seen", "I feel they have a story, what does it mean?", and "I can't believe you make it so expressive with so few lines". I knew I was on the something.

Project Indago, Deep Web Investigations

This service researches a person, asset, and/or background information from publicly open sources. This includes deep web scanning, social media presence, cryptocurrency activity, and high risk activities.

A phone or Zoom meeting takes place in the beginning. This part is free, but absolutely required. It is there we can talk and agree about scope, success criteria , and timelines.

Investigations starts at a fixed price, however it is dependent on circumstance and scope. The deliverable is a written report. This may also require an additional Zoom or phone call at no cost, along with communicating on conference calls with other parties (i.e. Law Enforcement, Attorneys, etc. Again, at no extra charge).

More below...

Project Indago is a professional, discreet research and investigation service provided by Jeremy Pickett. We are not attorneys nor private investigators, we provide services that shed light in the dark parts of the web. This may be when researching a person, an asset, or crypto currencies.

Case Example

First we discuss your needs. We gather as many data points you have, and set a realistic expectation of what we should find. And if your needs match our capabilities we offer a quote and a timeline. Recently we worked with a father of two young children to paint a picture of how safe, or not safe the situation was by the other parent.

We were able to pinpoint several pages of data. Due to the 20+ years in digital forensics we were able to weed out erroneous information and present an extremely detailed and accurate report that was used during custody negotiations. The parents were able to work through their differences with their own representation who referenced the report Project Indago provided.

Please see Indago Discussion for details.

Books that are being read, studied, or being influenced by. Also, papers, technical whitepapers, and original research from Jeremy Pickett. And lastly, this section will contain off topic writings about subjects dear to his heart, food and travel.

Why yet, this is a catchall category and we will attempt to keep it organized.

Library Discussion

Writings on subjects as serious as Section 230 Reform, the CFAA, the DMCA, the effects of quantum computing on cryptocurrency, all the way to cheese making methods and binding books. The reason I chose this particular image of Godzilla on a mountain top is that writing for your own blog feels very much like being Godzilla on a mountain top. If Godzilla spake from a mountain, would anyone hear? Blog posts and conversations at blog.useful.one, and chat via slack at usefulone.slack.com


Jeremy is interested in technology, privacy, music, visual arts, movies/TV, flowers and more. For example, he likes cheese a lot. Like, mostly likely way more than you do. But maybe not, and that's cool, cause maybe we can all talk about cheese! (No, really) Questions and comments are encouraged, but there are rules. The rules are:

Keep things civil. If you wouldn't say it to your mother, don't say it here.

  1. Use empathy, kindness, and respect in your communication. You will be banned if you make threats, if you post illegal comments, or if I think you are peddling nonsense. Again, No Explanation will be Given. And you don't get a second chance. This is usually called, "Living Room Rules"

  2. If you consistently derail conversations that affect the good users here. This is usually called the, "Don't be a Dick" rule.

  3. If you express your wants and needs over those of others in an offensive way. Example, you are pro sedition. Or pro racist. Or pro proud boy. This is called the, "Didn't we deal with this already in 1860, 1960, and apparently 2060?" Rule. Banning said individuals will be done gleefully, and will become tracked and watched under Project Indago.

That is right, if you turn out to be a white nationalist, racist, homophobe, civil war sympathizer (reenacters are fine, it's the same thing as LARP'ing anyway), nazi sympathizers, or any insular proto-fascist/fascit will not only be banned. But their public information will be added to Project Indago formatted for an easy read from Law Enforcement or the FBI.

BLM and peaceful AntiFacists are welcome.