Chapman High School

Scholars' Bowl

What is Scholars’ Bowl?

Scholars’ Bowl is a KSHSAA sanctioned academic competition between schools. It is based on 16 question rounds. The questions come from the areas of language arts, social science, mathematics, science, fine arts and current events.

How is it played?

Each competition will start with five members sitting at a table with buzzers in front of them. Sitting at another table will be a team from another school. A moderator will read off the question and the first person who buzzes in will be allowed to answer. If they get the question correct, they score 10 points for their team. If they do not give the correct answer, the team does not lose any points unless the person buzzed in too early. After an incorrect answer from one team, the other team has a chance to earn 10 points with a correct answer. At the end of the round, the team with the most points wins.

When do we have practices?

Practices are on Wednesday every week. There is one in the morning starting at 7:30 and one after school from 3:30 - 4:30. We may have another practice on Monday’s after school once the season begins. You are responsible for attending at least one if you want to compete at a tournament that week.

When are the tournaments?

Most tournaments are after school during the week. They typically will start at 3:30 and are over by 6 - 7:00pm. There may be one or two that are on a Saturday morning. The tournaments start in October with Regionals and State during the first couple of weeks in February.

How many people are on a team?

Up to 6 team members may attend a tournament. There are Varsity and Junior Varsity tournaments scheduled throughout the year. Each team member may only attend 8 tournaments and the league meet per year. There are a few tournaments that are only Freshman and Sophomores while others are open to any grade level.

Do I have to attend every tournament?

No. Although I strongly suggest you attend as many as you can, you do have the option to pick and choose which tournaments you want to attend.

How do I get selected to go to a tournament?

All tournament information will be posted on the Scholars’ Bowl Google Classroom. If you want to go to a tournament, you will need to attend at least one practice that week and sign up.

What if I am out for a sport or other activity but still want to be on Scholars’ Bowl?

I understand there are many people who want to be as active in school activities as possible. If you are competing in a school sport or other activity and would still like to be a member of the Scholars’ Bowl team, you can. You do need to still try to make at least one practice a week and the tournaments that you can.

Do I have to be an A student to be on the Scholars’ Bowl team?

Nope! Scholars’ Bowl is open to any student who is willing to practice and compete. Since the questions come from different subjects, you can be a part of the team as an expert in one of those fields.

Can I earn a Letter in Scholars’ Bowl?

Yep! Each team member will be able to letter by earning enough points. You can earn points by attending meetings, tournaments, and helping during a home tournament. More information will be shared during the first practice and will be on the Scholars’ Bowl Google Classroom site.