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Class Schedule

Welcome 6th Grade Parents,

The 2020-2021 school year is officially underway! Your child has been placed on the EMP team: Ms. Engelken, Ms. McGehee and Mrs. Parker. We have compiled these points of interest for you to keep for future reference.

Behavior Expectations

Student behavior, both positive and negative, will be tracked by the EMP team using a classroom-tracking sheet and the Minor Incident Report form, or “MIR.” Three marks in one week on the tracking sheet will result in a “Minor Incident Report.” An email will be sent concerning the details of the incident. Additionally, an email will be sent upon a student receiving three positive marks on the tracking sheet. Please refer to the student agenda for information regarding the minor and major behavior system.

Daily Work

Any school work not finished at school will go home as homework. We make an effort to allow work-time during the school day, but by 6th grade there will be some homework almost every night, especially in regards to Math class. Please help your child with time management in the evenings in order to successfully complete homework.


Students will be allowed to correct daily work if the grade is below 70%. For all subjects except math this will only be available during the 1st semester. Math is different because it is such an important building block for the future; it is imperative to learn, practice, and master all concepts. After the first semester in all other classes, all work not completed on time will be graded as is. If a student completes the assignment by the next school day, then partial credit will be given for that assignment.

Late Work

If work is not completed and turned in on time, a percentage will be taken off the grade. It will be the students’ responsibility to turn in late work without being reminded.

Absent Work

If a student is absent, they can find out what they missed by going to the district website where our team keeps an updated Assignment Sheet for the week. You can contact your child’s homebase teacher, in the event your child is absent, to see about receiving absent work. If an absence is known ahead of time, it is the students’ responsibility to collect the work. Students will be given one day per absence to complete and turn in the work.

Agendas / Assignments

To help with communication and organizational skills, the Middle School issues an Agenda Book to each student. The agenda contains some reference pages and the school policy handbook. Students are given time to copy assignments for each core class at the beginning of each period. The agenda is an excellent way to keep students organized and responsible for their schoolwork. We will have students take the agendas home every night. Please review it with your child so you are aware of what they are doing in class.

Reporting Grades

The grading scale for the middle school is located in the student agenda. Mid-term reports will be sent home with students in the middle of each nine-week period and report cards will be sent at the end of each nine-week period. If you would like to check grades more often, you may access them through PowerSchool. The middle school office will issue a personal password so you may check your child’s grades online at any time. Teachers update grades each week.

Locker Policy

Due to restrictions of Covid-19, 6th grade students will travel with their backpacks to each class. They will not be issued a locker for this school year.


Students are asked not to bring candy, gum, or electronic devices to school without teacher permission. Cell phones need to remain turned off during the school day.

Remote Learning

There is always the possibility our district will have to complete remote learning at some point this school year. In the event that does happen, more details will be sent out concerning expectations and procedures for that possibility.

We hope this letter has answered many of your questions. However, due to the changing climate we are currently facing, any of this information can be subject to change.

Please call (316) 776-3320, or e-mail ( / / if you have additional concerns. We always try to return your call or e-mail on the same day.

Students, parents, teachers, and administrators working together with positive attitudes and effort will provide the best opportunity to make this an awesome school year for everyone!


Ms. Engelken, Mrs. McGehee and Mrs. Parker