Andover USD 385 Middle School Chromebook Initiative

Middle School Chromebook Initiative

The focus of the Andover Public School District is to provide our students with current tools and resources to help them be active and effective learners and thinkers. Excellence in education requires that technology be seamlessly integrated throughout our educational programs. Increasing student access to technology is essential in order to make this possible. One of the current learning tools that we are introducing is the Chromebook.

Our Goals:

  • Students will be better prepared for employment and postsecondary opportunities

  • Students will have access to a device at all times for use in classes and at home

  • Teachers will be able to implement the online components of our curriculum

  • Create equity among students

  • Teachers will learn to integrate technology in their instruction

Research indicates that students who use devices in a one-to-one (1:1) education environment are more organized and engaged learners, attend school more regularly, advance their knowledge and understanding of technology, and take an increased ownership in their personal learning. Chromebooks have the ability to make learning more engaging, accessible, and personal.

Student learning results from continuous interaction with educators, students, parent/guardians, and the extended community. Technology immersion does not diminish the vital role of the teacher but transforms the teacher from the director of learning to a facilitator of learning.

Effective teaching and learning with Chromebooks integrates technology into the curriculum anytime, anyplace. Leading-edge technologies, like the Chromebook, will play a vital role in helping to equip Andover students with the skills they will need to be future ready. With effective integration, appropriate content - this will help transform learning through collaboration, communication, creativity, critical thinking, and problem-solving.

Distribution and Collection of Chromebooks

Each year, the Student/Parent Chromebook agreement form must be submitted as part of the registration process. There will be an annual device fee of $40.00 accessed each year.

All students participating in the middle school initiative will be taught the appropriate use of the Chromebooks throughout the first several weeks of school. At the conclusion of each school year, students must turn in their Chromebook on the last day of attendance. Failure to return the Chromebook either at the end of the school year or when withdrawing from the District will result in a fee of $250.00 to cover the replacement cost. In addition, the District may file a report of stolen property with local law enforcement if not returned. Students are responsible for any damages as deemed by the District.

Logging into a Chromebook

Students will log into their Chromebooks using their school issued account. Students should never share account passwords with others, unless requested by an administrator.

General Care and Safeguards

Each student is responsible for the general care of the Chromebook that he/she was issued by the school. Chromebooks that are broken or fail to work properly must be taken to the middle school library as soon as possible. District-owned Chromebooks should never be taken to an outside computer service for any type of repairs or maintenance. Students should never leave their Chromebooks unattended unless locked in their hallway locker.

  • Open the Chromebook only when it is resting on a flat surface such as a table or desk.

  • Before closing the screen, make sure there is nothing on the keyboard to prevent the full closure of the device. Obstacles on the keyboard could cause broken screens or damaged hinges.

  • When charging, be sure to place the Chromebook in an area that will prevent people from tripping from the power cord. This could injure the person and/or damage the Chromebook.

  • Close the screen only when the Chromebook is resting on a flat surface such as a table or desk.

  • Do not hold the Chromebook by the screen.

  • Do not use any chemicals or other liquids to clean your Chromebook.

  • Use microfiber cloth to wipe down the screen.

  • Never pack your Chromebook with other materials. Keep it separate from textbooks and other heavy objects that could potentially damage the screen.

  • Keep food and drink away from your Chromebook.

  • Treat your Chromebook as a valuable material--do not leave it lying around.

Technical Issue/Breakage

  • Chromebook replacement cost - $250

  • Screen replacement - $30

  • Screen bezel - $25

  • Keyboard Palm-rest Assembly - $50

  • Motherboard - $100

  • Power supply - $30

Asset Tags

All district Chromebooks will be labeled with an Andover Public Schools asset tag. Asset tags may not be removed, modified or tampered with in any way. Students may be charged a fine for turning in a Chromebook with a tampered District asset tag or turning in a Chromebook without a District asset tag.

Using Technology At Home

Here are some great resources to view and share with your child.


In compliance with the Federal Children’s Internet Protection Act (CIPA) and board policy, the district filters all Internet connections using a cloud-based service called, Relay. The purpose of the filter is to help assure that students do not get access to inappropriate materials online. The district filters at the district level which means that filtering settings apply to all grade levels and to students, staff, and visitors.

Access to the Internet using school-issued Chromebooks is also filtered through this same cloud-based filter service regardless of where the access occurs - at school, at home, or on any other network. Parents can sign up for weekly filter reports by visiting their school's website and clicking on the Parent Relay Sign-Up under QuickLinks.

Please be aware that no filter is 100% effective and adult supervision is still the most effective means of keeping our children safe while on technology.

Parents who wish to have greater restrictions placed on their children’s access have some options:

  1. We highly recommend all student use be monitored when possible by adults and create good guidelines for technology use.

  2. The Family Online Safety Institute is a great site to learn about “good digital parenting.”

  3. Parents may wish to check with their Internet service provider to see what tools they offer to filter Internet content.

Training Videos


Additional Resources

Discounted or Free Home Internet Access

Local Internet


Do parents and students need to sign the agreement before picking up the Chromebook?

Yes, once the agreement is signed online through PowerSchool, the student can check their Chromebook out from the library.

Can a student bring their own computer to school?

Not at this time. The district cannot allow any staff or student personal computers on the network due to safety and security. All districts have licensed software that helps us manage and filter these devices.

Is the content on the Chromebook filtered?

Yes, all student Chromebooks content is filtered while in the district, or off-campus.

Why would my child need a Chromebook?

Many of our district resources and courses have online components and if a student doesn’t have access in class, it would be a real disadvantage for your child. It is a tool just like their textbooks that students will be expected to have in class. Many teachers use GSuite and Google Classroom, it would be very difficult for them to complete their assigned coursework without the Chromebook.

What happens is a student breaks their Chromebook?

The district covers the student's Chromebook originally checked out to the student against all accidental damage for one (1) incident during the student's 3 years of middle school. A Chromebook for temporary use will be assigned to the individual student until the student’s Chromebook is repaired and available for pickup.

What if my student is transferring to another school or program within the district?

The Chromebook and power supply will need to be returned to the building they are transferring from.

Can I as the parent or guardian get a report of my child's Internet usage?

Yes, please contact the building administrator and they can set you up to receive a weekly email report of your child's usage.