Mixed Choir

Sean Boller

Mr. Boller starting teaching 8 years ago. This is his second school he has have taught in. He has been teaching at Holcomb for 7 years now.

He started teaching because he has always loved to sing, play piano, and or trumpet since he was a little kid. When he started participating in band and choir in High School, he had impeccable teachers that really showed him the joy of music and what an impact it can have on student's lives.

Mr Boller said "My goals for Mixed Choir this year is to be a power house of voices and build a sense of confidence and pride in their singing."

He would like each student to find their voice and be proud of themselves and what they can do. His advice to people wanting to join is talk to him and he can get you with a student who is in choir. "We are growing and can only go up from here." Says Mr. Boller.