Ottawa High School Spanish Classes General Info

Bienvenidos a la clase de espanol de Ottawa High School


IMPORTANT REMINDER: Extra Credit deadline for each quarterly grading period will be at 3:40 Wednesday of the week BEFORE the last week of the quarter. This will also be the last day to turn in any late work or makeup work. If you need to know about your extra credit opportunities, please read section 17 of the Class Expectations sheet, which is linked on this website.

Please plan ahead. Don't feel like you have to wait until the last day to do it. In fact, to avoid crowds on the due date, you are strongly encouraged to come in in advance of the due date. Make sure you have done it no later than this day, as there will be no time extensions given. See the Class Expectations sheet (#17) for an explanation of the extra credit requirements.

Regularly scheduled tutoring won't be available to start the year due to Covid restrictions and oddities with the schedule. If we are able to continue in a "normal" schedule second semester, this may begin. In the meantime, I may arrange for tutors to come in at key times to work with you prior to tests, etc. When things get back to normal with scheduling, upper-level Spanish students will be available most days (not on Fridays after early release dismissal) before and after school in the Spanish room to help you and so is Madame. If you are having problems with Spanish, have questions about your homework, or just want a place to work on your assignments, please come in! We want to help you succeed! Come in for help from student tutors from 7:15-7:40 am every day. Also, tutors will be available almost every day after school from 3:15-3:40, besides early release Fridays, as mentioned above. During those times, student tutors will be available but also remember that Madame is usually available well-beyond those times, so if you need help, please come on in! Also, Madame is accessible by email at many other times, so, if you have questions, please seek assistance. If I'm able, I try to respond to emails very promptly.

This class is going to be a combination of a lot of work and a lot of fun--for all of us! Please remember that I am here to HELP you learn! If ever you don't understand something, please come see me! I want you to succeed!

I am here late after school nearly every day and from before 7:00 until the start of first hour every morning! Unless I have a meeting or other duty that conflicts with this, I will have office hours from 3:15-4:00 each day after school. I am also normally available to help you during the B portion of Cyclone Hour. In addition, I welcome questions by email during any out-of-school hours. I will respond as promptly as I am able to!!

I love teaching! There is nothing I would rather do for a career! Learning another language is NOT easy, but the rewards are sooooooo worth it!!

I hope you are ready for a brand new experience and a great year!