Welcome to Kensler Music Department's site.  Where we will share our monthly newsletter, upcoming dates, a song of the month, and resources for you to do at home!  

Music fundraiser!


Thank you to everyone who purchased a shirt last year! I love to see the staff members, kids, and parents wearing them!

With the money raised with the sale of our     t-shirts we were able to purchase 12 ukuleles for the music room and materials to provide storage. The students loved when the ukulele lab came last year and I can't wait to be able to play whenever we want!  Hopefully we will get to continue to add more ukuleles with this year's fundraiser in February 2024.

Thank you,

Mrs. Laura Hoobler


This will be an ever evolving location to find new resources!  

Be sure to check back often!

Mrs. Hoobler's Thanksgiving Room:

This is filled with books, songs, play alongs, and lots of movement! I would love to hear 

which is your favorite.

Music games, activities, composer bios, podcast, and more!

Chrome Music Lab

  Games, quizzes, videos, musician spotlights, & more! 

Great games for Pre-K through 2nd Grade.

This is our Music Curriculum for the district.  It can also be found in Rapid ID.  Login as a student and use this code: m444913

Stories put to orchestra instruments!

Mrs. Hoobler's Listening Library:

Books that are songs, feature musicians, and history of music.  Some I have had time to share in class and some are not! 

The links will take you to YouTube links.

Please, close each tab as they open and come right back to the Listening Library.

Mrs. Hoobler's Music Listening Library