September 2021

From The Principals Desk

September is when the reality of school starts to set in for students, and the importance of our school routines is reinforced. We have launched a few new & revamped procedures at SHMS this year. First off, we have multiple visuals around the building that remind and teach students specific behaviors expected in those areas. For example, in the hallways, we ask all students to walk and use the right side of the hall. In the bathrooms, we have listed to use the facilities appropriately and to wash hands before exiting. Many of the expectations are common sense and not overly difficult to follow for all students. I'm attaching a presentation I used when working with students last week to teach our expectations intentionally. I fully believe we have fantastic kids at SHMS that will do the right things when asked. Part of what I love about my job is serving the kids and seeing them grow as individuals.

Another area we have launched this year is our Academic Intervention time, and you may have seen it referenced as MTSS or WIN Time. At SHMS, students will use the time for specific & intentional academic intervention for students. What I Need means each student has time to work on what they need. For some, it may be more intense Math or ELA support. For some students, it may be social/emotional support or homework. Ultimately, the 25-30min is for what a student needs to be successful at SHMS.

As the year continues, we will make adjustments and tweaks to our systems as we see how our programs impact students. Our mission continues to be serving our students Academic & Personal Growth as we partner with families. We are a team, and the work we do must be moving in the same direction! Thanks for sharing your children with us each day as we educate and serve.

PLC - Wednesdays

On Wednesdays throughout the 2021-22 school year, time will be provided for teachers to engage in professional activities which have been shown to improve student learning. This results in early release at the elementary level and late arrival at the secondary level. In collaboration with the YMCA, the district will provide learning activities for students during this time to avoid inconveniences for parents. Registration for students to participate in PLC Time is required and is free for all families.

Visit our website for more information about PLC Time or to register your student.

Schedule for Y-Club Activities


Y-Club Activities Begin

-To participate in Y-Club students must be present by 8:10am and registered through the Y-Club

-Students who arrive after 8:20am will be in a common supervised area until the end of Y-Club


Y-Club activities end & all students will be moved to the gym.


-Students are dismissed to lockers


-The academic day begins

Upcoming Events

Multi-Tiered System of Supports - WIN Time at Spring Hill Middle School

Spring Hill Middle System of Intervention - Google Docs.mp4
Spring Hill Middle System of Intervention.pdf

2021/2022 District-wide assessment change.

SHMS FastBridge Parent Letter.pdf

Traffic Flow Guide

Student Morning drop off

Walkers are welcome to enter the building on the front (south) or rear (north) entrance.

Bike riders should enter on the rear school entrance where the bike rack is available.

Updates and Additional Information

  • Students WILL be utilizing their lockers for the 2021/2022 school year. Student backpacks need to remain in their lockers for the school day.

  • Students will be asked to keep their cell phones put away during the school day unless specified by a teacher for an instructional activity. We ask families to help support the phone-free classrooms by contacting the school for student needs and or emailing your child.


MIddle School Survival guide!

LEAD kick-off

Nutrition Services Team!

Mrs. Amy & Ms. Brittney

Mr. Lloyd & Mrs. Cindy!


Spring Hill Middle School

First Annual Activity Night!

6th, 7th & 8th Grade Students