Binance Chain Wallet | A Crypto Wallet for Binance Chain

Walkthrough of all the Binance Chain Wallet specifics

We have categorized ourselves under people who believe that cryptocurrencies are all set to become the future of the financial industry, and we really think that it’ll happen soon enough. However, crypto is not all perks and roses, it has some drawbacks too. It is nothing that crypto has, it is just something that our digitally-dominated world brought along.

Cybercrime gets the best of everyone and everything and when it comes to crypto benefits, we are assuming that you’re aware of the monetary value that it holds in our world. Therefore, cybercriminals simply went on to attack crypto traders and loot them off their crypto wealth.

Crypto safety soon became a great concern and that is when wallet services for cryptocurrencies were ideated and given life. Yes, in today’s crypto market you’ll find several different crypto wallets and honestly, we cannot say that any of them are not worthy. Each one of the wallet services is unique and offers exclusive perks to users.

However, while we were exploring the different cryptocurrencies and different compatible wallet services, we came across the Binance Chain wallet that was particularly designed to cater to the Binance Token and we were astonished by the user experience it offered. And we knew that it is worth sharing with the world.

Thus, by reading the below data sections, you’ll get to know exclusive details that would help you experience and work with the Binance-based wallet service. We began with an overview of the wallet, then we take you through the details of getting the service extension and app. But that’s not it, we also help you get an account on the service and a lot more.

Get a perfect answer to “What is a Binance chain wallet?”

Crypto safety was a concern and when the Binance Exchange authorities learned about the opportunity, they were simply intrigued with what they can do to help. That is when they came up with the Binance Chain Wallet. This wallet service is spread across the Internet as a renowned safety browser extension for all the Binance tokens.

The service it offers has been extremely beneficial and we cannot tell you how much we love the service. We will have to recommend using this wallet service if you are in charge of any Binance tokens and want to keep them safe, as it is operated on the Binance Smart Chain along with an aim to normalize financial freedom with the utmost security in the digital age.

Helping you download the Binance chain Wallet extension

Now, we mentioned above that the Binance Chain Wallet is a renowned browser extension that gained an appreciation for functioning on the official Smart Chain network introduced by the Binance Exchange service. And this section of the read has been prepared to help you understand the steps you’d have to go through as and when you decide on getting or acquiring the wallet extension. So, go on and learn the extension download procedure:

  1. Initiate a launch for the browser and type in “Binance Chain Wallet” in the search bar.

  2. As you get to the results window, go for the first one that reads “Wallet Direct”.

  3. You’ll now be able to see a yellow link reading “Install Extension Wallet”, go for it.

  4. As soon as you tap on it, you will reach the web store for the wallet extension.

  5. Make sure you go through with the instructions and complete the installation.

There’s a Binance wallet app too – Know how to get it.

Yes, we know what we said and it is true – the exclusive wallet service for Binance Tokens has now, been launched as a mobile app version for users to access via their smartphones. And we thought, what could be better than getting to know the easy steps of downloading the wallet app, right? Therefore, we have listed down the 3-step process:

  1. Unlock your phone and choose to get into either the Play Store or App Store.

  2. Go towards the search bar and type in “Binance Wallet” to get to the app.

  3. And just as you see the correct option, go for downloading the Binance Chain wallet app.

Are you wondering about the Binance wallet APK?

Other than the Binance chain wallet Android application there is one option that we think might work wonders for all the developers around. Yes, it is known as the wallet APK that Android users (especially developers) can choose to download and work with.

This is known as an open-source application that collects data on user experiences and keeps on updating better changes. You can go on to find the Android apk for the Binance chain wallet either on the official website or on partnering online services.

Steps of creating a Binance chain Wallet login account

Now that you’ve acquired either the wallet extension or the wallet mobile application, we think it is time for you to know what steps are involved in the registration of the wallet. Therefore, enlisted is the explicit procedure to do so:

  1. Start by entering “” in the address bar of your browser.

  2. And go for the registration – when you see the form, just put in a cell number.

  3. As you reach the next phase, you are to ensure the reliability of a password and save it.

  4. Read the “Terms of Use” thoroughly and place a check on the said box.

  5. Now, we’d guide you to move ahead with “Create Account” so that you receive a text.

  6. The text you receive on the registered phone number must be used to verify your data.

  7. Complete the verification, enable the 2FA security and begin using the Binance Chain wallet.

Shedding light on what Binance Wallet connect refers to

Well, we’ve covered extensive data on the Binance wallet and we think this section would come in handy when you want to have access to both your Binance exchange login account as well as the Binance Chain wallet. We mentioned Wallet Direct at the time of downloading the wallet extension and this section will tell you that it is nothing less than a significant linking element. Here we’ll help you through the steps of connecting your wallet account with your exchange account so that you can have an efficient experience:

  1. Initiate the procedure by using your credentials to sign into your wallet.

  2. Now, all you have to do is go for the “Wallet Direct” tile.

  3. Now, you should move on with the “Verify and connect my address” option.

  4. Read the Wallet Direct Notice carefully and move forward with “I Understand”.

  5. Head toward completing the ownership verification procedure.

  6. Link the extension to your exchange by tapping on “connect to Wallet”.

  7. As you reach the connection request panel, move ahead with “Connect”.

  8. Getting on the “Sign Message”, you need to go for “Sign with Wallet” and “Confirm”.

  9. And now, you have direct access to your exclusive Binance wallet’s address.

  10. Move on with “Bind” and approve the request for connection with other 2FA devices.

Note: Make sure you follow each of the steps carefully because if you miss any of them, you’ll encounter issues that would require you to connect with the customer care officials.

Is your Binance wallet address not showing? We’ve got you!

Binance wallet address is an exclusive combination of alphanumeric characters that portray the identity of the user account. In many wallet services, these addresses can be unique to every transaction made from the account but in the case of the Binance-based wallet, the wallet address gets generated at the time of registration and are different for different cryptocurrencies.

Now, there can be tons of issues that users encounter but one of the most frequent ones as per our findings is the one where users cannot see their Binance Chain wallet addresses displayed on their accounts. Thus, this part of the read is prepared with the easy steps of finding the wallet address as quickly as possible:

  1. Head into your Binance account and make sure it is fully verified.

  2. Now, head into the option that you see for “Wallet”.

  3. For the next step, you’ll have to tap on the “Fiat and Spot” tile.

  4. Look for the crypto variant, you want to find the address for.

  5. As you find it, go with “Deposit” and feed in the required data.

  6. Next, you’ll have to put in your network selection.

  7. Just as you do it, you can go on to launch the tab and get the address.


As we’ve come to the end, it is important to present you with a great conclusion so that you can make the best-suited choice to join a wallet service. Well, we chose the Binance Chain Wallet to be the hero of this exclusive read and we know why it is worth your time. If you are trading in the Binance crypto token then it is a reliable decision to choose and work with this wallet service as nothing can provide you with the perks that it does.

We procured all the required details that a crypto trader might need before beginning their journey on the wallet and we aced it. Reading this data piece, you’ll get to know about downloading the extension and the app, followed by the registration procedure, the connecting process of the wallet to the exchange, and the steps to find the wallet address.