Real Estate

We have been in the Real Estate & Construction Industry for over two decades, and over the years, have extended our range of services provided within this industry. Listed below are the services we offer to our clients.

  • Property Developers

Urban Investment Pvt Ltd is a unique company among the property developing companies within the country. We undertake only a handful of projects on a turn-key basis annually, thereby giving us the edge in quality and customer satisfaction. We have a proven track record of success that ensures our clients are teaming up with the right partner. All areas of the project are carried out by our own teams that enables us to assure the highest quality end result, something we are known for within the industry. We have undertaken both commercial & residential developments and have a few more exciting projects lined up for the coming years.

  • Property Management

All our properties are managed and maintained under our brand Urban Properties. We enjoy and take pride in representing your Investment property by providing effective marketing services, selecting the best tenants, collecting the rent and managing and maintaining the property through our experienced service team. We also incorporate the latest technology to ensure both the owner and the tenants are given the most hassle free and efficient service available.

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For Existing Tenants

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